Hawken Reborn (Steam) Version (2023 October 3)

Modified on Tue, 27 Feb 2024 at 11:10 AM


  • The Maximum Pilot Level cap increased to 35.
  • Wyndham Moors (Zone B) is now accessible.
  • A third-person camera is now implemented as the default view.
  • All weapons now have infinite ammo.
  • 180-degree turning is now available.
  • The Ostentum Heavy mech platform blueprint is now available at Pilot Level 26.
  • Ultra Rapid Fire SMG blueprint is now available in the workshop at Pilot Level 26.
  • The Long Jumper Thruster blueprint is now available in the workshop at Pilot Level 27.
  • The Multi Missile Launcher blueprint is now available in the workshop at Pilot Level 27.


  • Audio degradation arising after long play sessions should no longer occur.
  • Fixed audio issues that would occur towards the end of A0E6.


  • A drone should no longer spawn underground in mission A Busted Pipe Dream.
  • Audio no longer becomes muffled if a session is disconnected.
  • During the Patrol mission Mech Bait, the smuggler mech's health will no longer randomly deplete resulting in a failure.
  • Enemies will no longer fall between the crates at Blackport.
  • Enemy health bars will no longer appear too small during the Patrol mission Poetry in Motion.
  • Enemy mech will not spawn behind rocks in A0E6.
  • Fixed misc. bugs causing the game client to crash.
  • Havn will no longer get stuck under the MTP platform during A0E1.
  • Pilots should no longer be able to launch patrol without a second weapon equipped.
  • Players will no longer experience an infinite loading screen when repairing a mech.
  • Prompts should appear correctly when approaching a console whilst dashing.
  • Rock clipping should no longer cause pilots to get stuck through them.
  • The game will no longer crash when modifying a component before the previous is completed.
  • Toggling between windows during the loading screen should no longer cause pilots to get stuck in an infinite load screen.
  • Various improvements to Adam Slek in A0E6 that were progression blockers were fixed.
  • Volta laser sound no longer lingers after an enemy's death.


  • A total of 3 Patrol Missions can be discovered concurrently.
  • Critical hit spots are now present on Mechs in the game and are indicated by the colors of the damage numbers upon impact.
  • Enemy infantry crushing is now possible by making a direct impact with them that bursts their shields, incurring a small amount of damage to the player’s mech.
  • Infantry will now flee, and retreat from mechs in certain instances.
  • Medium drones will fly kamikaze into pilots when on low health as intended.
  • The weapon recoil system has been reworked to create an improved shooter experience.
  • Thruster speed and fuel consumption have been improved for increased utility.
  • The final encounter in the To Trail an Assassin mission should now scale accurately in difficulty.
  • There is an increase in random encounter locations throughout Zone A.
  • All existing Thrusters have been rebalanced to create more unique characteristics for each Thruster.
  • Minor weapon and platform stat changes following Power Level formulae refactors.


  • Several visual environmental issues in Zone A have been fixed.
  • Environment elements have had additional layers of polish.
  • Improved textures across various structures across the game.
  • The windowed full-screen option is now available.


  • Additional objects across Zone A & B are now more destructible.
  • Patrol Mission rewards have been rebalanced.
  • Thruster sizes now scale according to the Light, Medium, and Heavy mech class chosen.

Patrol Mode

  • Threat Level is no longer on a constant tick and instead will increase based on your actions in the world, such as completing missions and defeating enemies.
  • Players should no longer experience rogue random encounters spawning during missions to avoid any confusion between objectives.
  • World Threat Level will now increase when a certain amount of resnodes are broken.

Quality of Life

  • Dash ability has been rebuilt as part of the Thrusters system to remove bugs and offer future opportunities for Dash-focused Thrusters.
  • Mouse sensitivity settings have been adjusted for better calibration.
  • A new cross-hair in the center of the screen now displays the remaining ammo in the magazine, weapon heat, and a clearer accuracy indicator.
  • Resnodes have been rebalanced for both frequency and provided resources.
  • Heavy-class mech platforms have been rebalanced to offer much greater health pools in exchange for their decreased mobility.

UI / Text

  • Crosshairs will turn red when aiming at enemy turrets as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a weapon upgrade when skill points were spent.
  • Fixed various missing text strings
  • HUD elements will now appear to be curved with the cockpit.
  • Loot notifications will no longer overlap with the radar's compass.
  • Players will have separate control options for third and first-person mouse sensitivity.
  • Press P in-game will toggle between 1st and 3rd person camera view. Gamepad is up on the D-Pad.
  • Third and first-person camera views can be toggled from the in-game menu.
  • Top up button in the Hangar will no longer spill out of the panel.
  • UI elements displayed in the cockpit should no longer overlap with one another.
  • The "Quit" button is now clearer in Mech Pad settings.


  • Sacrificed a few infantry crash test dummies to stomp out additional improvements in various areas of gameplay.

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