Hawken Reborn (Steam) Version (2023 June 14)

Modified on Tue, 27 Feb at 11:10 AM

Fixed Issues


  • Asteroid Drone’s excessive damage has now been significantly reduced
  • Aggro has been fixed on some passive infantry who did not fight back when being attacked by pilots
  • Heavy drones no longer enter an idle state in some instances

Patrol Mode

  • Zones with lower Threat Levels than the player's will catch up at an accelerated rate
  • Random encounter's Threat Level will increase with the zone's TL
  • Resource nodes have been adjusted to drop more explosives
  • Threat Level should no longer increase every two seconds after transferring items through the MTP
  • Certain instances of Threat Levels increasing too quickly have been balanced

Quality of Life

  • The cursor should no longer clip outside of the game

UI / Text

  • Jetpacks will no longer display the weight stat in the hangar as it's no longer a contributing factor
  • Miscellaneous missing dialogue and hangar text have been fixed
  • Hitting Alt+Enter to toggle between windowed and full-screen mode will now accurately display in the Settings page


  • During the repair tutorial in the First Time User Experience (FTUE), pilots will no longer be stuck in an infinite loading state
  • Hawken Reborn's application icon will now be HR-themed
  • Legacy menus should no longer be accessible
  • The player ID copy button in the hangar now works as intended
  • Miscellaneous improvements to various cogs, axles, bearings, and doodads greased up for a smoother ride

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