Hawken Reborn (Steam) Hotfix (2024 March 12)

Modified on Tue, 12 Mar at 1:46 PM


  • All player bullet-based weapons have had their project speeds increased by approximately 100 m/sec excluding the Rasiseri shotgun.
  • All Area of Effect weapons have had their base projectile speeds increased by approximately 50 m/sec.
  • The Rasiseri's "Firing Spread Decrement" mod has been changed to "Vertical Recoil Reduction" and existing point assignments have been upheld.
  • Following a damage falloff bug fix, weapon stats have been rebalanced for the Deadeye, Goddard, Kettie, Micro-Missile Auto Launcher, and Volta.
  • Volta rebalanced following beam weapon collision and performance fixes.


  • New Schematic icons have been added in various areas for better visual clarity.


  • The caves in the Refuge have been split into two locations to allow for simultaneous events to trigger in the general area.


  • Drones will now activate their abilities at a lower health threshold. 40% for the Meteor and 50% for the Asteroid.
  • Machine Gun Turret damage has been reduced by 25%.


  • Within the Steam client, player status has been updated to identify where a player is current playing the game such as in the Hangar, Coop Lobby, or in a Patrol Mode session.


  • Various adjustments to nameplates have been made to increase legibility including font changes and font size increases.
  • Neutral units now have a yellow nameplate indicator instead of orange for better clarity against red aggro units.
  • Various item descriptions have had their naming and stats corrected.
  • Removed missing "TEXT BLOCK" error and graphic from the warning pop-up.


  • The Volta bug preventing full damage when fired has been fixed.
  • Load times were optimized in instances where players with large inventories potentially had longer than expected load times in the game.
  • Missions involving a payload have been added back after fixing a bug that caused a server crash upon their destruction.
  • Fixed the collision detection of a few props in the game causing players to get stuck or clip through when interacting with them.
  • Some Area of Effect and Beam weapons have had their damage falloff range adjusted due to an earlier bug applying them when they shouldn't have.
  • Adjusted applicable maximum Weapon Recoil ranges to the originally intended recoil range of 30º vertical and 5º horizontal. Previously bugged at 2.5º and 0.75º respectively.


  • Poet Neil’s supply crate has been returned, but sadly, he’s still missing.

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