Crime Boss: Rockay City (EPIC, XSX, PS5) Update #6 (2023 December 12)

Modified on Mon, 04 Dec 2023 at 08:56 AM


  • Winter-themed main menu and Snowman heads for enemy gangsters (available for a limited period of time).
  • New female heister models.
  • New mission - Police Station.
  • Quality of life tutorial update.
  • Vehicles can now explode when shot.
  • Added possibility to restart campaign in options.
  • Added link to shop for Heavy Hitters Pack DLC in Main Menu.




  • Female hooded teammates will always register damage.
  • Non-Latin characters are correctly shown in the game.
  • Enemies no longer get stuck and avoid the player after spawning.
  • Multistore Robbery would sometimes load for excessive time. This should not happen anymore.
  • Fixed the “Strike received” typo.
  • Corrected the stairs collision in one of the stores.
  • Warehouse ramp doors no longer look closed for the client.
  • Bug where Nasara was visible in scene for a split second should not happen anymore. This created confusion when players thought Nasara should be available for talk, but was not.
  • Lighting in Dragon Dogs was tweaked.
  • Lighting in Multistore tweaked.
  • Lighting in Garage was tweaked.
  • Lighting in Hidden Vault was tweaked.
  • Lighting in the bank was tweaked.
  • The sound loop of “counting score” is no longer present after finishing Urban Legend.
  • The party management screen no longer stays open.
  • Adjusted an issue with a wrongly placed decal behind the lifted truck. The rubber mark on the road should not be floating anymore.
  • Animation for throwing loot bags is now played for spectators.
  • Number of police badges should now correspond at all times between FPS and Meta instances.
  • 'Strike received' notification should not be called twice anymore.


  • Players will no longer encounter a locked state of the campaign upon continuing in the Character Story mission, after failing it.
  • Spamming open/close campaign dialogue should no longer result in a loss of focus in the menu.


  • AI should now hide their weapon after bashing glass/containers.
  • AI should be able to open and loot cash registers now.
  • AI should be able to loot safe in “Car Dealer” now.

Gold Cup

  • Gold Cup nominal success ending cutscene should no longer have characters in A-poses. 

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