Crime Boss: Rockay City (Epic, XSX, PS5) Update 2.5 (2023 July 25)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 12:59 PM

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  • Respect stat in Crime Time
    • Respect in Crime Time is increased with successful missions and lost with failures.
    • Respect affects available missions, weapon & generic character rank, mission rewards, and HEAT (police intensity in missions).
    • When reaching the Respect Level "Connected" (the second of six levels), big missions, such as Money Train, Import Export, The Hidden Vault, and Dragon Dogs can appear on the map as regular missions, instead of being available solely as contracts.
    • In Crime Time, HEAT is based on respect. Higher RESPECT brings more heat, so while the game offers more opportunities, they are harder to complete. Lower respect goes with lower heat.
  • Dropped weapons can be picked up in FPS missions
    • Characters retain their original weapons after the mission is finished.
    • Weapons picked from the ground have reduced damage.
  • Improved aim assist for controllers
    • Aiming sensitivity is slowed down when aiming near the target.
    • Aim assist now slightly helps with tracking targets.
    • Slight bullet magnetism is in effect.
  • Adjusted Difficulty in Baker’s Battle
    • The overall difficulty of the Baker’s Battle was reduced.
  • Adjusted Loot Bags
    • The number of loot bags in missions now scales with difficulty and the number of players.
  • Leveling up teammates
    • Characters in Crime Time now gain experience from being sent to missions and eventually become eligible for a promotion. The promotion gives them better stats and new perks.


  • Important map landmarks spawn on pre-defined turfs. Based on a community proposal, we made sure special buildings are spawning on the same tile every time
  • New environment added: Garage.
  • Stealth kill: To give the player a choice between silencing and killing civilians and guards, the first stealth melee attack makes the civilian/guard/police go to the ground. Any subsequent attack will cause damage. Gangsters are killed outright as before.
  • Baker can let go of generic characters from the team.
  • Enemy waves in turf wars will spawn on a single edge instead of multiple edges. Before, the player could have been overwhelmed by incoming forces and unable to find a good cover position.
  • Unique characters keep their rank (rookie, veteran, elite) persistently between campaign runs and reset upon death.
  • Cutting off attacking rivals from territories under attack cancels the attack and the territory will no longer need to be defended.
  • Detailed character info now describes the conditions for unlocking unique characters in Crime Time.
  • Monetary rewards and spawn probabilities for individual money-making mission types now vary slightly with the player’s respect. This applies both to Baker’s Battle and Crime Time.
  • Attack Territory missions sometimes had difficult starting positions, in which the player was immediately exposed to enemy fire. This is now adjusted, so that players start in a relatively covered area further away from enemies.
  • Jewellery Heist and Bank Robbery missions should spawn more in the campaign now. It is partially dependent on respect as well.
  • Added beeping sound to enemy grenades.
  • Increased audio volume of security cameras when being detected.
  • Increased audio volume of ignited explosive barrels before the explosion.
  • Attack territory icons now have the same color as the enemy gang.
  • Increased prices for rare, epic, and legendary weapons in Crime Time.
  • We added new events to the campaign. Those events lower police HEAT in case they are completed successfully.
  • The number of detectives spawned per campaign is lower now. Previously it was possible to encounter 10 detectives in the campaign. Now it should be around half that number per playthrough.
  • The monetary value for loot categories in the stash is now more dynamic. It can change quite a lot from day to day and is dependent on item type.
  • Gold and silver should be much scarcer in money-making missions before reaching the formidable respect level in the campaign.
  • Day indicator added to Main Menu screen.
  • Added a variant of Attack Gangsters - Beach.
  • Added a Variant of Attack Gangsters - Port.
  • Added a variant of Attack Gangsters - Canal.
  • Added a variant of Robbery - Shipping Office.
  • Added a random event spawning the mission type “Place Bomb”. When completed successfully, the player will neutralize an enemy turf.
  • Enemy AI will find it harder to shoot you from greater distances.
  • Bots will not try to revive a teammate that is near danger (like a grenade).
  • Controller - the selection of missions on the map has been improved; the d-pad allows players to quickly select the closest mission in the given direction and the left stick activates the virtual cursor for precise selection.
  • Controller - Slider for selling loot from stash is faster.
  • Controller - Prioritize use over reload is now set to Yes as default which leads to a much smoother experience. It can be manually changed as before.
  • Improved mission detail with new risk indicators.
  • Improved weapon and character icon background for better rarity differentiation.
  • The text size of the current bonus objective is increased in the HUD.
  • Most of the UI elements are now controllable with the left stick alongside the d-pad.
  • Mantling over obstacles should now be much smoother.
  • You can now sprint and crouch with a body bag.
  • Super Strapped boss bonus no longer deletes Travis Baker's equipped weapon when selected.
  • Selected equipment is saved and not changed after a mission,
  • Pressing ‘Esc’ in the lobby now works properly as “Back” and doesn’t open the Pause menu anymore.


  • AI avoidance of danger areas improved.  AI should no longer run on a grenade when reviving a player. or dodging enemy fire.  AI should not navigate to fire to assist the player or other AI.
  • Negative values for cash should no longer appear.
  • Bots use mounted guns correctly and should not get stuck anymore.
  • Aim Assist was not working on clients.
  • Robbery loot crates should no longer spawn away from the player’s reach.
  • Incorrect rotation of AI/ player animations in Robbery is now correct.
  • Bots are not stopping inactive with loot bags at the escape van.
  • Remote explosives will now properly reduce the number of charges when shot.
  • Ladders should now be more reliable.
  • Interrupting reloads, magazine check, and weapon inspection when switching bots is now more reliable.
  • Baker’s perks work even when Baker has no equipment.
  • Shield-equipped enemies can now be pinged.
  • Sensor grenade no longer pings dead bodies.
  • Enemies should no longer trip over loot bags laying on the ground.
  • Time limit bonus objectives now start correctly after the mission black screen, not before.
  • Weapon inspection should be more reliable on a controller (Hold D-Pad right)
  • Various FPV animations should not play over each other.
  • Inverting controller should no longer also invert the bot selection menu, or lockpicking minigame.
  • Improved PS5 controller haptics on PC. Previously haptics on the PS5 controller did not vibrate correctly.
  • The application should no longer stay in process after force-quitting it.
  • Equipment animation is no longer played when pressing the Equipment button while on a ladder as a client.
  • The user no longer returns to the title screen after accepting an invite to the same lobby.
  • Civilians killed by clients are counted correctly in detailed stats now.
  • The upgraded buzzsaw and drill were not set to the correct value.
  • The player counter no longer shows more slots after several missions are played in a row in 4 players.
  • The player can no longer reconnect as the same character after dying in a mission.
  • Van doors no longer appear closed for join-in-progress players.
  • The game no longer enters an unresponsive state when accepting a session invite while fading out of the escape cutscene.
  • The “Revive” option no longer remains on the player after giving up when “Dead”.
  • The lobby now recovers from an internet outage. Before it could have entered a non-responsive state.
  • A selected character should load much faster now.
  • The player animation no longer stutters when observed in Spectate mode.
  • You no longer retain your campaign character if you join a Crime Time mission from active gameplay in the campaign.
  • Optimization of throwing bags. It should be smoother on all platforms.
  • Fix: When a client joins a Dragon Dogs session in progress if the host's character was in the initial lift, the player was then not able to see the host's character in the game.
  • The player no longer becomes “Not ready” before the loading screen.
  • A client joining a session in progress for the second time will no longer get into the JIP menu again.
  • Left stick binds are no longer triggered twice when a player is a host in a multiplayer session.
  • Navmesh fixes.
  • Performance optimization.

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