Crime Boss: Rockay City (Epic, XSX, PS5) Update 3 (2023 August 29)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 12:59 PM


  • New scenarios and environments
    • Those missions appear in both the campaign and Crime Time and provide variety in both gameplay and environments.
  • Earlier respect levels
    • Gas Station.
  • Mid-to-late respect levels
    • Car Dealer.
    • Truck Convoy.
  • Improved stealth gameplay
    • Stronger stealth takedown.
    • Balanced AI perception and reactions.
    • Rebalance of silencers.
  • Shuffle mission chains mode in Crime Time
    • This is a new way to play missions: Randomized mission chains which come in three challenging difficulty tiers, that give greater rewards and respect points when fully completed.
  • Balance changes to campaign economy.
  • “New Blood” Urban Legend difficulty balance
    • Adjusted the difficulty for the first Urban Legend chain.
  • Character missions’ persistency
    • The player’s progression through individual character missions is remembered through campaign runs, and a unique character dying in their character mission does not cause the plotline to reset – in the next campaign run, it resumes after the last successful character mission instead (or gives the maxed-out character if it was completed).
    • The plotline only resets when the unique character dies through regular means, and not in their character mission.
  • Added option to kick/mute/examine profiles in missions in Multiplayer.
    • This is dependent on the platform. Kicking is only available to hosts.
  • Turf war Defense can be played without soldiers.
    • Touchdown can go alone to the Defense mission.
  • Color-coded goals in Campaign for easier navigation in Goals.
  • Score in Urban Legends is present now.
  • Respect in Crime Time improvements.
  • Visualization of Respect.
  • Character unlock conditions are now visible in the game.
  • Lobby privacy setting (private/public) is more visible now.
  • Optimizations to the Dragon Dogs mission which will make performance better.
  • Weaken goals can now neutralize territory.
  • When a weapon is given as a reward for turf war captures, it is now visualized better to the player, including weapon rarity.
  • Touchdown is more resilient in turf war Defense missions.
  • Redefined weapon selection for characters in Urban Legends.
  • Lowered the range of grenades thrown by AI at the player.
  • Baker is no longer needed for the “Defend Warehouse” mission, and it cannot appear on lower respect levels.
  • The planning cost is lowered in the campaign for bigger missions.
  • The “Jobs” tab was renamed to “Map” in Crime Time, and “Contracts” to “Jobs”.
  • The costs of jobs (formerly contracts) in Crime Time are lowered.
  • New mission icons are introduced to better differentiate missions.
  • Descriptions of game modes are updated to be more explanatory.
  • Added a new screen in Crime Time which introduces the game mode to the player the first time it is opened.
  • Weapons can now be swapped in Urban Legends so players can use characters with different weapons. The available weapons are defined per Urban Legend.
  • Further mission difficulty balance for all modes.
  • Increased visibility of the “Ready” button for clients.
  • Sessions that are not in the lobby are no longer listed in the session browser.
  • The Console Home Screen picture changed


  • Icons for missions should no longer mix.
  • Clients should always be able to use the ladder now.
  • Free slots in the multiplayer game should update correctly in real time now.
  • The unresponsive button prompt no longer shows in the Claim Territory screen in the campaign.
  • The “Reset to defaults” option now resets all options correctly.
  • “Weaken [Rival]” goals no longer remain active after the rival is no longer on the map.
  • Sounds play correctly during the promotion screen now.
  • The “Lucky” perk description changed.
  • Fixed collision of the wired fence in the Warehouse. Now it can be shot through.
  • Van doors are no longer closed for players that join in progress.
  • Clients perform stealth takedown properly.
  • Windows create offenses correctly now and AI is being alerted accordingly.

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