Crime Boss: Rockay City (EPIC, XSX, PS5) Update #5 (2023 October 30)

Modified on Mon, 30 Oct 2023 at 10:24 AM


  • Halloween-themed main menu and enemy gangsters having Halloween pumpkin heads (available for a limited period of time). 
  • Crosshair toggle option added. Shooting with crosshair may be more accessible for certain players. Also pinging objects and giving commands through the ping is easier with the crosshair on. 
  • New scenario (Breaking enemy deals): Sneak into enemy territories to steal money/loot that is being traded by enemies. The dealer will start running away if there is an alarm. Happens in the new environment Diner or in the Beach Road Underpass. 
  • New environment for robbery scenario: Shopping Arcade (big shopping mall with 2 floors, with new shop variants). 
  • New bonus objectives added for missions. More variety of objectives to do. Completing them rewards the player with a third star.
  • Character detail UI overhaul (in TEAM menu): For more clarity and better user experience. 
  • Character Perks overhaul: Removing negative perks (characters never arrive with negative perks or gain negative perks). This will manifest in the next run of the Campaign. 
  • Butcher appearing in Dollar Dragon’s turfs: During the rouge-lite campaign as a captain at the end of some Turf Wars against Sicarios. 
  • New playable teammates: More variety for the player’s gang. 
  • Stealth overhaul. 
  • AI hearing and vision tweaked: NPCs can now hear better. Detection speeds and angles are more realistic for players. 
  • Intimidation tweaks: Only civilians can be intimidated. Armed enemies need to be shoved/subdued or killed. 
  • Silent kill can be used broadly now: Originally, it was only usable from behind, but now players can do silent kill from all directions (some NPCs will defend themselves if you try to do frontal stealth kill). 
  • Body fall noise reduced. 
  • Players can use the Follow command on up to 3 zip-tied hostages. Previously it was just one NPC following. 
  • Escaping civilians just adds one strike. Previously it was an instant alarm. 
  • More time was added for players to react to escape behaviors. Civilians who are about to escape first get an icon for a short period of time and then they start to escape.  
  • Civilians outside of the playable area do not escape. 
  • Improvement of bots (AI teammates).  
  • Bots hide their weapons when they are not required. 
  • Bots intimidate civilians in the area. 
  • Bots can do stealth takedowns when commanded by ping. 
  • Camera equipment HUD update (only appears in one mission of the Dragon’s Gold Cup Expansion Pack). 
  • Sentry gun overheat mechanic added (only appears in one mission of the Dragon’s Gold Cup Expansion Pack). 


  • System 
    • The “All for One” achievement unlock works properly. 
    • On rare occasions, Dollar Dragon was not accessible immediately after purchasing Dragon’s Gold Cup Expansion Pack. 

  • Gameplay 
    • Mounted guns are now properly used by enemies in Turf War. 
    • The maintenance area in Gold Cup is now properly recognized as a ‘Restricted Area’. 
    • The "Put bag on zipline" prompt is unavailable when 2 loot bags are equipped and looking at a zipline. 
    • The floor number sign in Gold Cup is not clipping through a wall at the bottom of a stairway.
    • Jewellery displays no longer continue to shine after being looted.
    • Equipment animation no longer plays when sliding and using equipment as a client. 
    • Players will no longer see their team members hovering above the floor in a down state.  
    • The client should not be able to use ladders while in a downed state any longer. 
    • A player should no longer be able to interact with the ladder and bot-switch. 
    • Crouch should no longer remain active with the “hold crouch” setting enabled after interaction with an object. 
    • Guns should no longer become invisible when downed while using equipment. 
    • Weapons should no longer become invisible after picking weapons up while swapping weapons.
    • Sidearm no longer becomes invisible while the player changes weapons when holding two loot bags.  
    • The ammo count on the HUD was sometimes visible during the escape sequence.  
    • Players should no longer get stuck on debrief after joining a multiplayer game during the escape sequence. 
    • Drill icon replication works correctly now in multiplayer for clients. 
  • UI 
    • A dead character's name tag does not become visible after interacting with the security monitor. 
    • Custom field of view (FOV) will no longer be reset in missions on rare occasions.
  • AI 
    • NPCs should stay down after being intimidated. Previously they would get up. 
    • Civilian suspicion is lower, and they don’t get stuck. 
  • Campaign 
    • Random events in the campaign will not re-trigger anymore after getting back from the mission associated with them. 
    • The 'Weaken Dollar Dragon' goal is not present after defeating him. 
    • The calculation of ‘Cash Spent' and 'Cash Received’ in the campaign is correct now. 
    • Various lighting fixes. 
    • Various collision fixes. 
    • Various optimizations. 

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