How do I engage in Alliance Warfare?

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Hello Commanders!

With Alliance Warfare now live on all platforms, we have put a small guide together on how the Warfare feature works! In Warfare, two Alliances go head to head to determine whose team is the greatest of them all! If you are part of an Alliance you can choose whether you wish to take part in the upcoming battles by opting in or out. Your Alliance Leader needs to know if you’re in as they decide which members of the Alliance will participate in the event. As a leader of an alliance, you will be able to start a war by selecting 10 of your Alliance members to take part in the event. The enemy Alliance you are matched with will be based on the Dog-tag counts of these members combined. Once a match has been made your Alliance has 24 hours to prepare for Warfare!

Day 1 Recon day - Get your Islands ready!

Remember that stars are what matters in this event and anyone who attacks, through the Warfare panel, cannot steal any resources from you - so protect your Command Bunker at all costs! You will be able to spend this 24 hour period spying on enemy islands and chatting to your Alliance members to devise your strategies for the next stage of Warfare.

Day 2 Combat day - War!

As soon as the preparation period ends, Warfare begins!. Each participant of the event will be able to make 2 attacks against the enemy team. You can attack anyone on the enemy list of participants, but choose your opponents carefully, as once you have begun an attack, there is no going back. You may be able to 3 star the weakest player in the enemy list but that would leave your weaker Alliance members to take down the heavier enemy players, so working with your alliance is key to a successful attack. Only the highest star count against a player counts, so if someone has already got 2 stars against a base you should be very certain, before you attack, that you want to use one of your precious attacks to possibly earn 1 more star.

Day 3 Ceasefire day - To the victor goes the spoils!

During the war day if you defeat an enemy base (earn at least 1 star) your alliance will be rewarded some war supplies. These supplies are far greater than what you would earn in a normal battle. Work together to earn as many stars as you possibly can because the Alliance with the most stars wins. At the end of the event everyone receives a portion of the war supplies earned during the war day. If your Alliance wins the event then you receive 100% of what you earned, however, if you lose you only get 30% of what you earned. Should both Alliances earn the same amount of stars then all participants will receive 40% of their war supplies.


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