Red Solstice 2: Survivors PC 1.4 Patch Notes (2021 July 15)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:02 PM


  • Completely rewrote our lobby network infrastructure in hope that players will have better experience joining lobbies


  • Dropship now returns to the nearest outpost
  • Fixed an edge case where mission could spawn and immediately expire
  • Missions with no information in uncontacted regions will no longer spawn
  • You can now see the regional Biomass growths from orbit
  • Fixed an edge case where campaign investigation missions could get stuck


  • Added daily challenges that are completable only on very hard difficulty and give additional experience
  • Optimizations for host
  • Added daily challenges
  • Added new tooltips for infestation and intel
  • Weapon can be used with jetpack
  • Disruptor will no longer block monsters or players
  • Followers will not use missile swarm inside buildings
  • Power surge will activate door terminals now also
  • Tungsten, Carapace, Shockwave show in-game as buff
  • Explosive turret health increase from 600 to 3000
  • Battle drone duration reduced from 40 to 30 seconds
  • Red storm will spread wider with more players in game
  • HASTAC shows correct radius
  • Safety zones cannot be stacked next to each other anymore, there is distance of 3000 meters


  • High ex rounds activation cost reduced to 70-50


  • Safeguard will not apply twice to owner
  • Battle drone duration set to 30 sec, cooldown 75-55
  • Heavy weapons add suppression damage, better reload, max mags


  • Adjust values of medical steroids to fit the skills better
  • Revive drone movement speed increased
  • Monster that is neutralized during his attack will not instantkill player anymore
  • Rescue costs 170 and adds 100 health


  • Silent hunter reduced speed bonus to 25%
  • Removed stealth from reaper
  • Increased damage bonus for vital spot targeting by x2 and activation of the skill gives equal amount of initial stacks
  • Sniper rounds slots reduced to 2, power cost to 70
  • Each time reaper is activated it will assign (or not) a friendly unit for teleportation
  • Silent hunter and stalker will not interfere with each other concealment anymore


  • Flare gun taunt duration reduced to 14-18
  • Speed mechanism cooldown reduced to 20-12, move speed changed to 5-13%
  • Overhauled orbital autocannon skill, added a lot of suppression and duration
  • Artillery duration increased by 1s per level
  • Orbital targeting damage set to 2000-3000, amount 4-5, and armor shreds now
  • GED Elpida does more damage and attacks only 1 target now, cooldown reduces with level
  • Conceal now gives 2-6 MS and cooldown reduced to 42-30s


  • Rocket launcher now shreds 2 armor
  • Reduced lightning/fluffy energy drain by 2 seconds and drain by 5 energy/sec
  • Doubled Viking and Rhino AOE radius
  • Frostbite gets 20 ammo per specialized clip and shoots 33% faster


  • Increased suppression for Cryo pulse mine and placement radius
  • Adjusted tooltip in Shrapnel bomb


  • Seismic resonator will now work same as skill resonator
  • Fixed visual bug in power calibration buff tooltip
  • Fixed problem where assault mission can have problematic location
  • Cohesion now properly clamps min reload time to 0.5 sec
  • Fluffy hunt challenge cannot be activated in campaign anymore
  • Reaper now properly deactivates
  • Heavy weapons and cleanse debuff will now properly save with loadout
  • Fixed problems with stats displaying incorrectly on client
  • Fixed double damage being applied from AOE sources from weapons on client


  • Added more tooltips on strategy layer


  • Fixed some locations where items could spawn in unreachable locations
  • Added more locations to support rescue specialist
  • Fixed helipad props that were being destroyed when they should not be.


  • Assault nest failure to spawn should be fixed
  • Defend the wall will spawn 2 reapers when player wins the mission
  • Removed STROL lure from map and monster will act normally after mission is won


  • Fixed problems with 3D mesh in armory
  • Additional checks so that executor armor cannot be transferred to skirmish
  • Improved followers AI with weapons
  • Small inventory will properly sync
  • Adjusted difficulty on waves 1-10
  • Rebinded the keybind that would get followers stuck by accident
  • Added information when events in game happen to chat

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