Red Solstice 2: Survivors PC 1.3 Patch Notes (2021 July 5)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM

• Added Tutorials button to main menu
• Music system improved
• Attempt to stabilize connectivity between 2 lobbies
• Campaign missions that last up to 60 min have been changed, now you only get 1 out of those 3
• New Missions: Gas Pressure, Disruptors, Suppress Biomass, Monster Samples and Red Storm
• Nuke Area returned and it will spawn as critical strike inside Assault Nest
• Game can now be fully played while steam is offline
• Mission ending timer activates if enough people evacuate

• Intel level will now determine the length before dropship arrives on any evac that is not scripted by mission itself
• Starting wave based on infestation will be shown on graph

• Changed Rhino pistol damage to fit its role better
• Seeker mine will add 2nd seeker at levels 3 and beyond
• Fixed/improved some recon skills
• Guardian drone and battle drone can be activated even when another is still active

• Followers get 3% more damage per level now
• Ordnance support has small radius now to prevent teamkills
• Followers can now use secondary weapons even without a target
• Toggle follower skills now work better
• Small improvements to AI

• Emergence holes has 2 objectives instead of 3 now
• Civilians will be closer to EVAC point and player now
• Get supplies now has 2 instead of 3 objectives, making the mission shorter
• Assault nest can now also spawn in medium buildings
• Completing secondary missions on field will now display its rewards when you return to strategy layer
• Repair reactor has maximum storm now, starts when reactor goes out, stops when reactor is repaired
• SHIVA item will no longer spawn directly on evac preventing you to pick it up easily
• Marines are hidden by AI, so there is less chance they will die before you reach them
• Fallen fury will reactivate its turrets once reinforcements arrive
• Legendary items can now be obtained from certain missions
• Power surge will properly work with certain missions now
• Campaign Armageddon now has total of 4 hunters which can be killed with given gadgets
• Scan missions give proper infestation/intel rewards

• 2 small bunkers with blast doors can be used now to lock yourself inside if in trouble

• After the mission, all additional rewards will be listed with their secondary mission names
• Added wave graph to mini-map in game
• Specimen will now show on map as big red dot, enabling players to easily track it after it jumps away
• Executor resources on strategy map combined into one tooltip

• Failsafe for people falling off bridges
• Improved logging stats for lockers
• Waves are properly counted even after primary mission has been finished
• Slight changes to camera
• Fixed navigation mesh problems with bridge in certain cases
• Guardian drone and battle drone can be activated even when another is still active
• Logistics items are no longer consumed when you load pre mission autosave
• Additional validation to prevent executors and reapers joining skirmish
• Civilians will not be killed by vanguard anymore
• Reduced storm lightning frequency
• Stabilizer will now reduce storm severity by 1 when used if there is storm in the field
• Overwatch upgrade now properly applies all bonuses
• Reaper will now refresh stacks at max reaper level
• Stabilizer will show activation cost now
• Teleport bots to player if bot falls off
• Disable unassigned bots
• Rapid fire will have proper duration now
• Orbital targeting better range particle
• Subtitles added, if cinematic cannot be played for some reason it will just skip

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