Red Solstice 2: Survivors (PC Steam) 1.6 Patch Notes (2021 September 2)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM


  • Added "co-op" campaign where players can share technology and are limited by the technology and research of the host, clients can see the world map also now
  • Added 16 critical strike missions to skirmish secondary mission pool
  • Added hidden votekick that can be initiated by anyone on anyone other than host, if more than 50% players agree player will be kicked
  • Anti griefer system
  • Anti-cheat system
  • Daily challenge has double the points for monsters now


  • Shield Generator / Cities of flesh


  • Boss Emma
  • VIP Howell
  • Rescue Troops
  • Gauntlet
  • Supply Defense Condatis
  • Get Supplies Mercs
  • Insurgents Gauntlet
  • Gather Intel
  • Howell Barrex Assault
  • BlackLight
  • Assault Nest
  • Disable Jammer
  • Fallen Fury
  • VIP Founders
  • Rescue Specialist
  • Rescue Condatis


  • Hellspawn will no longer get stuck in certain cases if he ends up off walking area
  • Red Hunter is more dangerous now and requires preparation, this will affect terraformer missions
  • Fluffy now uses his 3-chain attack when low on health
  • Biomass will no longer spawn under the ground
  • Flameburst cooldown increased by 5 on all levels
  • Gass pressure mission will detonate on failure visibly on client now
  • Improved muzzle flashes
  • Barricade destructive resistance reduced by 5% so convoy has easier time destroying them
  • Added information on profile when buying modules in which slots they go
  • Bestiary is showing correct hunter now
  • Biomass tentacles can be hurt the moment they get out
  • When eaten by creeper player will no longer end up in broken state
  • UI improvements
  • Convoy vehicles do less damage so in certain missions you have to protect them
  • Red storm will not reduce your energy to 0 anymore
  • Synced Red Storm lightning strikes

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