Red Solstice 2: Survivors PC 1.5 Patch Notes (2021 August 5)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:02 PM

NEW CLASS: Terminator
NEW BOT: Terminator
• Energy Capacitors
• Quantum Singularity
• Energy Shield
• Teleport
• Plasma Gun
• Portable Shield
• Plasma Discharge
• Surge
• Weapon Overload
• Nanite Exhaust
• Focused Plasma Pulse

• Added class limits
• Improved graphics of the planetary level
• improved server browser display

• Spawn system fix that prevented high threats from spawning
• Prevented duplicating items with loot drone
• Toggle skills now properly start cooldown if deactivated
• Resupply crate cannot fall on player anymore
• Fix for weapon stats affected by equipped modules
• Vindicator doesn't do line and explosion damage resulting in double damage on same target
• Conceal type skills should no longer result in permanent conceal graphics
• Fixed crash related to formation actor
• Removed missile swarm from some enemy marines
• Mountable turret cannot be permanently active anymore
• Flame burst flames now fall onto floor properly on slopes
• Communication skill will not make player permanently rooted
• Crashfix while entering armory
• Capture trap no longer spawns on stairs and other non-level surfaces
• Possible fix for random crashes that are happening in campaign on last mission objective
• Marksman and recon speed reversed
• Fixed a bug that caused skill cooldown to override weapon RPM (most noticeable when using power cell and assault banner with vindicator)
• Improved convoy movement over map
• Fix issue with civilians not being able to walk up certain stairs
• Improved follower bot teleporting logic
• Fixed a situation where supply crate could fall on friendlies
• Fixed an exploit that led to duplicating items
• Fixed black ops loading issue
• Fixed issue where destroy biomass objective could get stuck
• Fixed a lot of map issues

• Added remove all modules button
• Minimap will now rotate with camera
• Added close button to save/load premades
• Added proper description to weapon research
• Each tech now shows requirement and what's needed in more detail
• Buff after being revived now has proper description and name
• Buffs: ailments will be displayed in red, and buffs in blue
• Changed ammo saver description
• Added additional Chat widget options
• Minimap changed to circle one
• Research will show which components and modules you get including their tooltips
• Updates to Bestiary. Players should now be able to apply a difficulty buff, player count buff, and STROL health bonus buff to monsters to see their stat changes.
• Scroll speed will no longer reset

• Elpida rework
• HASTAC cannot be duplicated anymore by dropping one stack
• HASTAC cannot be targeted in building
• Vital Spot changed to 30% damage / 5% crit per stack
• Vaccine dispensers will reduce infestation in region by 1 after finishing deployment in that region
• Safety zone activation timer set to 5 seconds from 0.5 seconds to prevent player accidentally activating it
• Ensnare duration now works like tooltip says
• Marksman has 3m increase in sight range
• Item flare can now be thrown and taunt monsters
• Reaper turret item now has 200 bullets instead of 500
• Primary extender cost reduced to 60
• Secondary extender cost increased to 50
• Dropship skill is back
• Maximum energy regeneration with wired armor is now -2
• Designate target kinetic reduce set to -30
• Flame burst duration is now set to max 7 seconds
• Added small delay between deleveling skills
• Recon conceal adds 4-10 move speed

• Mrityunjaya health regen reduced to 500
• Hellspawn wipe does 50% less damage now, giving players more time to exit building
• Hellspawn artillery AOE now does around ~200 destructive damage
• Certain story related boss cannot be stunned anymore
• Sargon health increased to 30k
• Adjusted Ker particle range so it corresponds with the damage
• General fixes with Strategy Layer

• Improved vehicles networking
• Added additional mission locations for certain missions
• Crisis missions cannot spawn more than one (colony reactor, red storm etc.)
• Potential fix for Meltdown mission having multiple locations instead of one
• Added reach location with timer for VIP Howell, Rescue Troops, VIP founders, Cities of Flesh, New World Order
• Field status adjusted radius and mission tags
• Soul Circuitry starts spawning monsters sooner
• Assault nest should no longer fail to generate location resulting in mission off map
• Convoy missions should no longer instafail due to being spawned at same start and end location
• Final Evac won't spawn multiple nukes in some cases
• Aella added additional biomasses, tweaked soldiers related to mission
• Crimson Storm 2 has additional ambushes and added ziplines, so edges of map are easier to reach
• Dropship down - changed storm from 2 > 3 > 0 from 4 > 5 > 0
• Added barricades to final stand
• Armageddon HAPC turret will no longer fire
• Emergence holes - small location changes
• New World order last part can fail now in last part
• Slingshot, last reaper requires defense
• Added crucial game ending dialogue that leads to prepare for final fight
• Added crucial dialogue information for soul circuitry that explains what is happening to Executor
• Added hope lost dialogue for bad ending, slightly rearranged ending dialogue so it fits better
• Added 30 seconds timer before fluffy hunt starts and can be triggered only on above easy difficulty

• Added additional dialogue especially near end of the game to clarify the story a bit more
• Increased cost for artillery and Elpida targeting
• Reduced the gap between easy and normal on campaign

• Reduced cooldown on specialized ammunition items
• Changed last rank requirements

• Reworked ASV to so it feels better to use
• ASV Speed penalty reduced from 12% to 8%
• Missile swarm speed penalty reduced from 12% to 10%
• AJAX speed penalty reduced from 10% to 8%
• Vindicator speed penalty increased from 8% to 12%
• Stinger crit multiplier for energy mode increased by 0.5x

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