Red Solstice 2: Survivors (PC Steam) Patch 2.78 (2022 September 14)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:01 PM


  • Tweaked and changed almost every vehicle weapon
  • Players can now use callouts while inside vehicle
  • Vehicle batteries won't spawn if there are no drivable vehicles on level
  • Added new media player to reduce issues people were having with videos


  • Did major network optimization for host regarding frequent updates on both players and monsters
  • General optimization on various actors
  • Major optimization of minimap
  • Optimized colony doors skeletal meshes


  • Assault and Hellfire skill duration increased to 40 seconds
  • Flameburst duration on last 3 levels is 3 - 6 - 9
  • Scan area slot size reduced to 1
  • High ex rounds slot size reduced to 2
  • Scan area now applies 3% damage taken buff to monsters
  • Removed slow from communication skill, added up to -50% energy regeneration while skill is active


  • Player bullets will no longer get blocked by windows if crouched
  • Energize capacitator skill now displays proper duration in the skill description
  • Ammo saver and ammo link should not result in near infinitive ammo anymore
  • Turrets now target close targets
  • Door blocker will now highlight open doors too
  • Mines can no longer be placed on top of flaming pipes
  • Command drones should work properly on client now(visually)
  • Driller animation fix
  • A lot of map bug fixes
  • Fix for STROL Marine weapons being visible in fog of war
  • Fix of HUD re-scaling after opening player stat widget
  • Fix for player not being able to see their own ping
  • Fix for Attractor being able to be used on regions with 5+ infestation
  • Fix for automatic scan that happens after entering the World Map for the first time
  • Fix for Engineer Battery not displaying restricted placement particle while inside of Firebase
  • Fix for items spawning underground on some prefabs
  • Fix for player not being able to use Zipline on Castle prefab
  • Fix for doors that were not displayed on the minimap on Shadow War map
  • Fix for client players not being rewarded for completing tasks
  • Fixed gunship spam on New Hope


  • A lot of QOL and changes to gamepad, cursor mode is now available RB + D-pad Up
  • Minimap buttons hidden when using gamepad
  • Tutorial popup is now gamepad navigable
  • Fix for gamepad being able to open multiple ready confirmation menus


  • Added wave info and mission time in session list
  • Added display to vehicle loading in loadout
  • New vehicle mods display for loadout with hover tooltips
  • E.R.C.S. skin won't show twice in the list if player has both M.E.R.C.S. and season pass
  • Players will get a revival information if they are being revived from other sources then player
  • Added map legend for refuel station on map
  • Vehicle artillery mod data display fix
  • Added new line for weapon info for ammo cost per shot
  • Fix for Elysium orders not accepting clicks well
  • Player vehicles will no longer unequip when changing classes
  • Removed conceal description for stimulants
  • Rank tooltip will always show requirements now


  • STROL Lair
    • Swapped shiva with QIED
    • Deploy beacon radius is smaller
    • Moved radius closer to whale
  • Wasteland Skirmish
    • Removed convoy blocker from dam road
    • Adjusted a spline that was too close to object that can't die
    • Fixed train detection positions to prevent blocker
    • Adjusted locations of teleporter pads
    • Set spawn points (non-internal ones) for min dis 4k and max to 12k
    • Fixed pickup locations
    • Fixed items going behind gates
    • Fix to monster floor so it covers the entire map now
  • E.R.C.S. Underground Skirmish
    • Tweaked connectors
  • Allied Defense
    • Added a refuel station to spawn
  • Fallen Fury
    • Updated friendly marines
  • Questionable Cannon Secondary Mission
    • Set fail timer of first objective to 5 mins instead of being infinite
  • Big Sister Is Watching You
    • Fixed gunship spam
  • Swamp Colony
    • Fixed west gate middle that blocked convoys from leaving
  • Rise Of The Reapers
    • Set enemy reapers to be just spawned in opposed to called down and the spawn.
  • Radiant Frogs
    • Removed the Condatis soldier dying as a fail condition as players struggled to understand why they failed when they died.
  • Outskirts Skirmish map
    • Updated what missions can spawn there
    • Added some support locations
  • Traitors Grand Skirmish
    • Overhauled the mission chain to be more updated and interesting
    • Fixed various bugs
  • Flesh City Skirmish
    • Added more grand skirmish missions to the map
  • Shadow War Part 3
    • Swapped deploy shiva with QIED
    • Fixed an issue where whale did not show up
  • Starship Grand Skirmish
    • Updated HB marines
    • Adjusted hold radius to better fill base
    • Gave correct HASTAC targeting system that isn’t infinite
    • Spaced kill biomass OBJ out a little more for better immersion
    • Added filler biomass around the recon team for better immersion
    • Moved support UBAS / charge pad up so players use it more
    • Swapped Hellspawn with hatchling to spawn after whales die
  • Air Supply
    • Adjusted hold radius
    • Added moth ambush on a roll to be more engaging
  • New Hope Mission
    • Cleaned up mission more at certain points
    • Set ambush to show closer when defending the farms
  • Industrial skirmish map
    • Moved train detection up more to prevent weird half convoy blocker


  • Various Spline fixes to internal prefabs
  • Removed tag from triangle radar prefab that fixes some missions spawning improperly there
  • Set Internal medical prefabs turrets to be deactivated correctly and activate when terminal is interacted with
  • Small QOL to how Dr. Charon spawns on final mission
  • Added various locations to prefabs to support a collection of missions
  • Fixed various pickup location markers on various prefabs
  • Added some prefabs to be capped to 1 only
  • Adjusted various mission ranges to make them closer to players
  • Various backend updating
  • Fixed preplaced whale on the internal mines so it works correctly
  • Updated M.E.R.C.S. friendlies to use actual merc mat
  • Removed shadow war from facility map

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