Red Solstice 2: Survivors (PC Steam) Mechanical Man 2.0 Patch Notes (2021 November 4)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM

• Added tactical info for each mission, now players will be able to see in detail what will they encounter on each mission, this is reliant on intel level in that region.
• Added Overlord ultra boss: New boss that will challenge you on the highest difficulty of the game or in late stage of the campaign.
• Added Ripjaw ultra boss: This boss draws strength from his nests around the map, in order to defeat him you need to locate those nests and destroy them.
• Enabled bot renaming: You can now rename your bot as you want
• Added profanity filter
• Added UNRANKED game mode: Players can now play the game without class limits, but those games will not count towards stat progression. Only experience can be gained in this mode and all experience gained is reduced.

• Only bosses can detect concealment now
• Sniper Ammo does not give 2 magazines at max level
• Specialized weapon damage will be logged as secondary damage properly now
• Fixed bug where final primary mission wouldn’t appear if wave 16 was reached and evac was on the map
• Rescue civilian mission will fail now if all civilians die
• Bots no longer apply burning to player
• Rapid fire adds proper amount of secondary based on weapon
• Reduced jammer health

• Gunship activation is more correct now
• Equalizer will not store extra ammo if used multiple times while having already the effect of toxic
• Fixed an exploit with Consumption that enabled infinite ammo generation
• Improved teleport skill location tracking
• Plasma discharge has proper duration
• Stinger magazine capacity increased from 4 to 6
• Wallbreaker now destroys all walls instantly

• Added threat level (number) info to archives
• Added monster threat level number display in archives
• Increased chat row length
• Chat will not receive any messages from Avoided player list
• Added suppression info for nitrogen ammo
• Fixed some buff descriptions

• Rebalanced Lyganesh, now it acts as a moving biomass
• Rebalanced enemy marines so they now get stats based on difficulty

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