Red Solstice 2: Survivors (PC Steam) Hell and Fire 1.7 Patch Notes (2021 October 12)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:02 PM


-Hellfire Class and Hellfire follower

  • Towering like large human battle tanks, Hellfire soldiers expose themselves to damage in order to draw attention from less-armored troops.
  • Armed with deadly flamethrower weapons, they set the mutant hordes ablaze even before they reach attacking range. The units excel at taking damage as they inflict destructive damage over time on their foes.


  • Uses exorbitant amount of ammunition, and burns everything, a new primary heavy weapon.

-Skirmish followers

  • Followers have now been added to skirmish, as you unlock the class, you will automatically receive a new follower under soldiers tab. They work slightly differently in skirmish and have the same xp distribution as player, they do not require any challenges.

-Detailed Item descriptions

  • Every item now has detailed description of its stats like the skills have, this should help to show all values that may have been hidden so far.

-Buildings Buffs

  • Special purpose buildings now have a "Calibration terminal" which will give a permanent buff to the player, explore and find out all combinations.

-Lockdown terminals

  • We have added one use lockdown terminals that will lock all viable doors and windows in entire buildings, useful for getting a break from STROL horde.

-New skirmish boss: Saffron

  • Saffron is a new mech boss that arrived into skirmish from campaign, enjoy the fight!

-Primary weapons improvement

  • All damage from primary weapons versus suppressed and ARMORED targets is now increased. This will help primary weapons in taking down armored targets as they will chew through armor faster.
  • Shooting a stunned target from primary weapons will make it receive increased damage even if the target does not have armor.

-Strategy layer tutorials

  • We have added a lot of tutorials on each strategy screen, explaining some crucial stuff like moving your landship, using solar etc.


  • Assault nest has hold position instead of 2nd destroy nest
  • Blacklight will spawn high threat after each biomass is destroyed
  • Gather Intel mission is more swarmy when you are inside bunker
  • Small improvements over other critical strikes


  • Dio striker also reduces weapon spread


  • Refactored network part of skills, should remove a lot of desyncs related to skills


  • Tentacle cannot be targeted if burrowed
  • Destroying any biomass will now freeze waves for 5 seconds, this effect is not stackable
  • Pickups are destroyed or teleported (mission items) if they are located on the bridge at the moment bridge is destroyed
  • Seeker mine will not deploy over edges anymore
  • Fixed heal drone targeting
  • improved black ops button tooltip
  • Small increase to energy blade radius
  • Weapons will now visually eject magazines when they start reloading
  • Improved orbital targeting skill, so it has less chance to bug out
  • All captures stat works properly now
  • Barricades will now be destroyed by vehicles instead of shooting them
  • Biomass kills will now properly award experience to the area around the killer instead on the area around biomass
  • Fixed Big Brain achievement
  • Fixed missing head problem with skins


  • Immortals will revive after 5 seconds now
  • Lazarians will revive after 8 seconds now
  • Mrityunaja will revive after 5 seconds now
  • Ghouler now revives more monsters and has bigger radius


  • Added a warning if you are starting a game with not all slots filled in loadout
  • Buffs are now displayed above enemies when they are affected by it and in the enemy info widget
  • Added more detailed information on follower level upgrades
  • Added HQ shortcut to toolbar
  • Added detailed information of items to archives
  • Regions now have terraformer icon
  • Added social tab to profile with an Avoid list

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