Red Solstice 2: Survivors (PC Steam) Missions & Loot Overhaul Notes (2022 March 24)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:01 PM


  • Added information on prefab name below minimap so you know if you are in the hospital for example
  • Added local loot based on building type, hospital will now give a lot of medical supplies from lockers for example
  • Added display "Incapacitated" or "KIA" above bot depending on bot status on combat layer
  • Added more ambient sounds
  • Capture trap improvement so it's easier to use
  • Changed mission rewards to be more consistent and removed edge cases where players could get tons of supplies
  • Reduced mission repetitiveness and number of missions in campaigns
  • Added prefab info in Archives
  • New medals
  • New environment setups for existing levels


  • Ajax max missiles reduced from 8 to 6 and range reduced to 3000
  • Added 1 more inventory slot to psychic
  • All secondary missions will grant always at least 1 capture trap
  • Capture trap item has 1 stack
  • Capture trap cannot be attained through lockers anymore
  • Bots should be better with baton now in engaging targets
  • Smoke bomb continuously gives buff to those inside smoke
  • AJAX can target enemy marines
  • Claymores now detonate on enemy marines
  • Strol substance item can now be destroyed by explosives
  • Call reinforcements now has maximum number of soldiers across entire gameplay capped to 24
  • Kinetic pull and throw cannot pull cars if user is inside buildings
  • Capture trap will now capture all creatures the moment they reach required suppression, duration of root and eligible to be suppressed is now 5 seconds
  • Plasma pulse applies nitrogen frozen buff instead of chilled
  • Echoes of fear mission fixes with cinematics
  • Industrial map has now option for fixed waves


  • Psyblast particle tweak
  • Added police car lights
  • Reduced number of particles being shown while enemy marines are getting hit
  • Added particles if engineer fails to build a wall
  • Added more environment props and lightning
  • Added fade-in to black for more smoother transition between menus
  • Removed duplicate rewards from combat missions
  • Zipline has better cable graphics
  • Improvement to bot name display



  • Smoke wall can be used in defense slot
  • Added Ker description
  • Monster collision fix that causes targeting with AOE weapons being problematic
  • Removed executor weapon from HB research display
  • Combat suits now show correctly in tech unlocks menu
  • Enemy vehicles are now displayed in red on minimap
  • Game session should not allow more than 8 players anymore
  • Minimap system clears out dead element
  • Server browser is hidden in middle of hotjoining
  • Client can no longer drop and fire items in same frame to spawn infinite items
  • Improved weapons display UI
  • Biomass destructible created for jungle of madness
  • Added chat widget to more strategy level views
  • Medal tooltip will work with tiny module buttons now
  • Small tooltip display improvement
  • Click to use is removed on specific storyline item in Echoes of Fear
  • Slightly improved mech dash
  • Lyganesh will have biomass icon on map
  • Disabled thrusters on train
  • Limited bot name to 8 characters
  • Fluffy and dog charge skills should cancel when the capture trap springs
  • Misplaced tech now shows which technologies you can get


  • Fixed a bug which caused item stack to go negative if server didn’t confirm the drop
  • Various localization fixes
  • Various map bug fixes
  • Various fixes for deployable items to prevent issues with big lag
  • Fixed bug related to pausing the game
  • Fix for disconnected messages when leaving to main menu
  • Fix for monsters not always attacking doors
  • Fix for some overwatch issues on bots and players
  • Fix for WASD continuing to kick doors after moving away
  • Fix for swapping wave types fixed/random resetting selected mission
  • Fixed Ensnare not rooting monster
  • Fix for energy daily task not completing properly sometimes
  • Fix for mission settings not correctly persisting between matches when returning from a Skirmish game
  • Fixed a bug which caused UBAS to miss occasionally, this also makes it a bit stronger now
  • Fix for baton not attacking biomass with right click/overwatch
  • Fixed visuals on claymores
  • Fix for UI wave flickering
  • Heal drone double beam issue fix
  • Credits display issue fix
  • Fix for issue in safety zone that triggered infinite artillery
  • Various dialog fixes for client and host in strategy and combat layer
  • Fixed a bug where VLAK train would stop on a lot of monsters
  • Some fixes on slasher monster
  • Dialog fix for crimson storm 3
  • Fix for grunt dialogue repeating itself
  • Fix for clients missing cinematics
  • Fix for bots doing FF based on difficulty
  • Bilocation no longer damages friendly Condatis troops
  • Melee skill animation is now visible on clients
  • Fix for suppression on certain enemy marines
  • Sam site no longer activated on game start
  • Harpoon cannot drag rooted enemies anymore
  • Fix for picked up and dropped mission items being destroyable


  • Shiva mission fix to prevent double item spawn
  • Added evac terminals on outpost 1,2,3 and firebase
  • Cities of flesh will now have Elpida covering you during last part of mission
  • Fixed bug where Condatis mission related chain explosives can be split, now they cannot
  • Condatis train ambush now gives infestation
  • Fleeting hope has better named terminals based on their functionality
  • Up to maximum of 10 black ops will now help players in the final scene of crimson storm
  • Locate marine, adjusted ambush timers for more grace


  • Condatis Grand Missions
  • Rescue Condatus abd Destroy Convoy
  • Recruit Condatis
  • Blacklight Mission
  • Rescue Troops
  • High tower
  • A Curious Case
  • Condatis HQ
  • Starship
  • Helluva Headache
  • Field Status
  • Locate Marine mission
  • Center Mass Explosion
  • Locate Marine
  • Blacklight mission

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