Red Solstice 2: Survivors (PC Steam) Insurgents & Weapon Mod Patch Notes (2022 May 19)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:01 PM


  • Strol marine added to the monster pool
  • Boler and Small Boler added to the monster pool


  • Improved and fixed a lot of locations where players can get stuck
  • Improved situations where players can get stuck with WASD, specially while using vault over edges


  • Healing now properly scales with skill damage attribute
  • Maps should no longer generate with very bright areas when starting the game
  • Accuracy calculation fix for player stats


  • Various fixes for Hellspawn so he doesn't get stuck when burrowed
  • Added Boler and small Boler monsters
  • Fix for zombie marine getting stuck at barricades
  • Ker has proper range now and radius is more clear
  • Ker will spawn a lot more desecrators when using spawn attack
  • Fixed bug in driller causing him not to attack after first attack, also improved effects
  • Added burrowing death particle effect to all underground monsters


  • Fixed the bug that prevent pathogen mutation from being researched
  • Hastac targeting item now has proper stack numbers on client
  • Minigun spins again when firing
  • Fix basic marines reload glitch and hopeful fix for client-side phantom bullets...
  • Fixed Engineering objects not showing correctly at load
  • Seismic Thumper now adds suppression to nearby monsters and does big damage to burrowing creatures
  • Bots now save their setup when you remove them from the list
  • Bots now save setup when you deploy with them
  • Fire barrels now do 8000 damage, shred 2 armor and create 3 fires
  • Toxic barrel now do huge damage over time
  • Condatis suit should now appear as option in free for all Condatis campaign for clients
  • Fix for shock troopers reload glitch


  • Skirmish: fixed a bug where rerolling waves would cause primary mission to reset
  • Blazing raiders - fixed first  objective location
  • Fixed Along The Watchtower and Blazing Raiders so they spawn now on strategy layer
  • Defend outpost - reduced filler timer and fixed reach location
  • Fixed Comm relay mission from tagging a terminal on Arc Pad 1
  • Added Toxic biomass, Strol Marines, roaming tank to Aella Grand
  • Atrocity (Ambush), added Strol marine version
  • Swapped bunker and artillery terminals out with ones that allow infinite uses
  • Fix for zombie marine spam on Gather Intel mission
  • Tweak to where Howell Convoy ends for Cities of Flesh mission
  • Crimson storm 3 - fixed UBAS
  • Crimson storm 3 - set HAPC to end at center area
  • Crimson storm 3 - fixed marine markers around SIU
  • Crimson storm 3 - adjusted Secure helipad to make more sense (Fix dialogue, fixed timing, added supplies to drop and basic soldiers
  • Crimson storm 2 - added UBAS Exo spots to walk and hold
  • Fix for enemy marines to be aggroed correctly for Phoenix part 2
  • Updated colony evac with destructible dropship and VLAK timer
  • Tuna APC can now be attacked on missions properly by monsters


  • Designate now works on vehicles and enemy UBAS
  • Bilocation won't damage UBAS


  • Disarmed mines will not chain detonate itself anymore
  • Damage scaling fixes for most demolition plantable explosive skills
  • Breaching charge - revamped the skill and reduced cost
  • Breaching charge destroys any doors now
  • Magnetic Pulse Mine - is now a throwable spear explosive type

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