Red Solstice 2: Survivors (PC Steam) Armies of Condatis Patch Notes (2022 February 17)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:01 PM

  • Biomass radius will get reduced the more you kill monsters that it spawns
  • Added significance manager which further optimizes the game
  • Fixes for various missions
  • Capture trap will now trap multiple monsters and will be easier to use
  • Fortify no longer builds walls if there is something in a way
  • Missile swarm now targets enemy vehicles
  • Civilians won’t get murdered by lightning storm anymore, increased civilian speed
  • Fixed a bug where HASROC did 3 damage to region per shot instead of 1
  • Fix for HASROC damage display to regions
  • You can now trigger buff tooltips in-game if you hover over specific buff when monster is selected
  • Fix for engineering item buff display
  • Fix for bestiary not allowing negative resistance display
  • General fixes to dialogues for world map and combat layer
  • Fix for energy used and skills used not being tracked correctly, clients can now earn medals requiring this
  • Added new button on save game widget for "overwrite"
  • Added info if saving game failed for some reason
  • Small hovering fixes for radial menu
  • Vanguard skill fix in WASD mode
  • Fix for mech not stopping when switching to WASD
  • Fix for Elpida skill
  • Added gameplay option to stop time when HQ reaches its destination, set this to true by default
  • Added checkbox on HQ move confirm
  • Fix for terminator power bar overlapping
  • Fix for skirmish games not updating their player map correctly

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