Puzzle Quest 3 (All Platforms) A Broken Dream (2024 April 8)

Modified on Tue, 09 Apr 2024 at 09:20 AM

Update 3.0.1 Hotfix

Quality of Life


  • Xione will no longer craft Spells that you already have at Ancient Mythic
    • If there are no Spells Xione can craft, you will see an error message stating there is no valid Spells available
  • Kingdom Defense bosses now have a -100% Healing Bonus, and no longer receive healing from any source 
    • This is to fix an issue where an error could occur when a Kingdom Boss receives healing during the battle.


  • You can now rearrange your Spells by dragging and dropping them into the slots you want them to be in
    • On a controller, you can do this as well, but for ease of use, you can press R2/RT while over an equipped Spell to open a drop-down list of your other equipped Spells to swap with.
  • Added a Gear Set option to the Gear’s Vault Filter 
  • Elements in a Filter will now start disabled and display all items. 
    • When an element is selected, it will now display all items of that element, rather than having to disable all elements first
  • The Item’s Quality display will now toggle on the item’s panel, instead of opening a new panel, when viewing the individual Quality of item stats.
    • This replaces the Item Icon & item stat display
  • Quality Display updates:
    • Toggling the Quality display will toggle the display on both the selected and equipped item’s display
    • The Base Quality value of an attribute is displayed in bold in front of the range
    • Slightly increased the size of the quality entries, along with some text color adjustments to make it more readable
    • Compare icons on individual stats will persist when toggling the Quality display
    • If the base Quality of an individual attribute is maxed out, it will display as mythic red. 
  • Spells in Event Rewards will now show the number of Pages that can be collected
  • Blocks for displaying information for Status Effects, Spells, Item Effects, etc. in the Prebattle screen and during Battle will now resize themselves to fit their content better, rather than trying to fit within a preallocated amount of space.


  • Various improvements to memory usage

Bug Fixes


  • Risen Gems affecting linked gem matches
    • These matches will now unlock themselves
  • Fixed the issue where the Power, Vitality, and Mastery values were using a level higher battle scroll than it should’ve. 


  • Fixed issue where when a toggle was active, the interactive visuals wouldn’t trigger until it was toggled off again
  • Fixed default placement of various enemies in the Bestiary
  • Fixed instance in the Bazaar where an icon would be in front of the text
  • Fixed an 


  • Gear rewards in Seasonal Cache display as duplicates with different chances
  • Fixed Item display in the Gear Set menu where rarity frames were not displaying correctly on equipped items
  • The stats icon is not visible in the Archives


  • An offer costing Crowns made its way into the Kingdom Bazaar. This has been removed.

Known Issues

  • Preview Spell missing buff from Spellbook 
  • Leaving the game in the background causes a black background
  • PQ3 client is causing some devices to overheat (iOS/Android/Xbox Series X)
  • Attribute bonuses displaying incorrectly when viewing tooltips

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