Puzzle Quest 3 (PC, Console, Mobile) Update 2.5 (2024 January 30)

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New Season - Immortal Wounds

The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 GMT) on Tuesday 30th January

  • Start - Tuesday 30th January (Release of Season 2.5, new gear, spells, minions, and weapon)

  • Chapter II unlocks - Tuesday 13th February (00:00 UTC)

  • Chapter III unlocks - Tuesday 27th February (00:00 UTC)

  • Hard mode - Tuesday 12th March (00:00 UTC)

  • Elite Mode - Tuesday 19th March (00:00 UTC)

  • End date - Monday 25th March (00:00 UTC)

Teaser Text:

“Darkness and light, the skies and the depths, all threaten to become one at the hands of an ancient evil…”

New Items

Values in bold are affected by the rarity or element of the item.

Fathomless Shields

  • Shield of Corruption

    • When taking damage to Life, gain 1-6% <ELEMENT> Damage Resistance.

      • It will keep you alive, but at what cost? If a shield could protect you, but bearing it cost a part of your soul, would you still wish to live?

  • Shield of Doomwood

    • When applying a Status Effect to the Enemy, gain 2-7% <ELEMENT> Damage Resistance

      • Recovered from the deepest parts of the Doomwood, it is believed this shield was once the only thing stopping a world-threatening spider infestation. Nobody quite knows the real story, but those who bear it seem to be extra suspicious of eight-legged creatures. 

  • Shield of the Deep

    • When matching a Big III+ Gem, gain 1-6% <ELEMENT> Damage Resistance

      • Originally discovered by a wandering fisherman, this shield has been further down in the depths of the ocean than most living beings. Nobody is certain whether the eyes etched upon it are merely decorative, or if they belong to a creature who made its home inside it long ago. 

  • Celestial Shield

    • When healing Life, gain 1-6% <ELEMENT> Damage Resistance

      • Those who wield the Celestial Shield become filled with a confidence they’ve never felt before. For some, this provides the inspiration and courage they need to succeed against all odds. For others, it makes them foolish enough to believe they can achieve feats far beyond their capabilities and leads to their downfall. 

  • Risen Shield

    • For every 2 gems of <ELEMENT> on the board, gain 1-6% <ELEMENT> Damage Resistance

      • A relic of the Risen Ruins, this shield has survived more than the test of time. It has seen death and victory in equal measure - an appropriate fate for an object with decorations like the eyes in its center.

  • Immortal Shield

    • When blocking, gain 1-6% <ELEMENT> Damage Resistance

      • There are tales that say this shield was used by the only man to ever look Yog-Thaddasa in the eye and survive. 

New Legendary Item

Available only in the Cache items in the Season shop, this item will drop at Legendary rarity.

  • Godslayer

    • On matching skulls, 0-100% chance to Explode 3 <ELEMENT> Gems.

      • A flail designed for the purpose of destroying Yog-Thaddasa. Though this may be an impossible feat, it is still imbued with great power. 

Eldritch God Set Bonus

  • Eldritch God (2 piece set bonus)

    • If afflicted with Possessed, or enemy is afflicted with Doom, gain 5-10% extra damage

  • Eldritch God (4 piece set bonus)

    • When matching Light Gems 10-60% chance to gain a random Buff for 4 turns.

    • When matching Dark Gems 10-60% chance to inflict a random Debuff on the enemy for 4 turns.

  • Eldritch God (6 piece set bonus)

    • When taking damage, 5-10% chance to create 2 Corruption Gems

    • When inflicting a status effect on the enemy, 10-15% chance to create 2 Doomwood Gems

    • When destroying 5 or more gems, 10-15% chance to create 2 Deep Gems

    • When healing, 5-10% chance to create 2 Celestial Gems

New Spells

Values in bold are affected by the level or rarity of the spell.

  • Deep Shot (130 Blue Mana)

    • Deal 1x Ice Damage and spawn 1-6 Deep Gems.

  • Corrupting Light (140 Red Mana)

    • Convert 2-7 Yellow Gems to Corruption Gems, and Heal for 0.5x Health.

  • Celestial Explosion (180 Yellow Mana)

    • Explode 3 Red Gems, and a 10-60% chance to Create 1-6 Celestial Gems.

  • Cleansing Doom (120 Green Mana)

    • Create a mix of 2-7 Green and Doomwood Gems, and there is also a 25-75% chance to Cleanse 2 Debuffs.

New Minions

  • Tigerpaw Shark

    • Might

    • Versus Spell: Sharktooth Thrust (50 Mana)

      • Deal 1x Ice Damage, and Freeze the enemy for 4 turns. If the enemy is already frozen, spawn 2 Shark Gems instead.

  • Striperling

    • Speed

    • Versus Spell: Lure Prey (70 Mana)

      • Deal 0.8x damage as light. If the target has no Resistance left, deal 1.5x damage as melee.

  • Nautilus Crab

    • Might

    • Versus Spell: Rime Tipped Roots (65 Mana)

      • Deal 1x Ice damage, and gain 0.75x Resistance.

  • Jelly Queen

    • Cunning

    • Versus Spell: Poison Maelstrom (60 Mana)

      • Heal for 0.75x Health, if the enemy has Poison, also heal for 0.75x Armor/Resistance.

The Items, Spells, and Minions use new Relics obtainable through the Season Dungeons to evolve.

New Skins

  • Eldritch Necromancer

    • When you wear this slightly unsettling garb, you’ll always be able to sleep with one eye open!

Spell System Rework

We have been working on these changes for a while. We’re very excited you all finally get to experience them!

We’ve been reworking the Spell System in PQ3 to allow for more flexibility in Spell-use and collection, as well as continuing on our mission to bring even more Puzzle-Questy-ness into Puzzle Quest 3!

For more detailed information about these changes, including a compensation breakdown, you can read our Spell Rework Blog!


  • Each Spell is now unique, so there’s no longer an inventory limit!

  • Spells now only have a Rarity

    • Each Spell Rarity has a base Rarity and a Rarity+

      • Base Rarity increases the Spell Effect

      • Rarity+ increases the Mastery

      • E.g. Smite

        • Deal X Damage as Light and Create 2-7 Yellow Gems.

          • Base Rarity increases Gem creation

          • Rarity+ increases the Damage dealt via Mastery

  • Ancient Mythic is a new Rarity that pushes the Effect of the Spell to an even higher limit!

  • Instead of individual copies of Spells, you now find Spell Pages, that allow you to Evolve your Spells to new Rarities

  • If you’ve collected enough Pages to get a Spell to Ancient Mythic, any additional Pages are converted to Spell Dust (1 Page = 5 Spell Dust)

    • Spell Dust can be used to create more Spell Pages

  • Spells can now cause Critical Hits

    • The chance to score a critical hit from a spell is separate from weapon attacks, and is currently a flat 5% chance.

    • Critical Damage Bonus for Spells is also separate, explained below.

Spellbooks and Collection

  • Each Hero will now have a Spellbook

    • Their Spellbook can be upgraded to increase the Damage and Buff ranges, and Mastery of all their Equipped Spells

      • Spellbook Level is capped at the Level of it’s Hero

  • Collecting and Evolving Spells increases Elemental Mastery, as well as your Spell Critical Damage Bonus

Follower Update

Xione has been working hard learning how to harness her new discovery “Spell Dust.”

With enough Spell Dust, Xione is able to conjure up Spell Pages for existing, or even new Spells!

Spell Dust Harvesting

Xione has discovered a method of collecting ambient Spell Dust, so be sure to check in regularly to collect it!

  • Xione will generate the Spell Dust at the rate of 1 Spell Dust per Follower Level per hour. For example: 

    • Level 1: 1 Spell Dust Per Hour

    • Level 10: 10 Spell Dust Per Hour

    • Level 50: 50 Spell Dust Per Hour

  • Xione can only hold a limited amount of Spell Dust, which is dependent on her Rarity. The caps are:

    • Common: 3 Hours

    • Uncommon: 4 Hours

    • Rare: 5 Hours

    • Epic: 6 Hours

    • Legendary: 7 Hours

    • Mythic: 8 Hours

Spell Page Crafting

Since Xione is a highly talented Mage, she is the first of the followers with dual purposes, where she is also able to craft Spell Pages.

  • Spell Page Crafting is unlocked at Xione Level 5

  • 6 different Crafting Options are available at the following levels:

    • Level 5: 1-10 Random Spell Pages

    • Level 15: 1-10 Random Spell Pages of a Chosen Color

    • Level 25: 15-75 Random Spell Pages

    • Level 35: 15-75 Random Spell Pages of a Chosen Color

    • Level 45: 50-100 Random Spell Pages for a Chosen Hero Class

    • Level 50: 100-200 Spell Pages of a Chosen Spell

  • Please note that the Spells that are chosen are the same ones that could be found in Chests. Spells related to Seasons and other special Spells are not available to be crafted.

New Portraits

We are expanding the number of portraits available in Puzzle Quest 3!

You will be able to find and change your Chat Portrait anytime in the Profile Menu.

Unlock New Portraits!

You will find these Portraits as additional rewards for completing Goals!

  • Unlock these Hero portraits for reaching level 50 on that hero

    • Human Assassin 

    • Human Paladin

    • Dwarf Berserker

    • Human Necromancer

    • Human Shaman

    • Ssarthi Mercenary

    • Fae Warlock

  • Unlock these Follower portraits for completing their Side Quests

    • Eveline

    • Toragon

    • Auri

    • Gong

    • Mutiny

    • Elyra

  • Unlock these for winning battles:

    • 500 wins - Ogre

    • 1000 wins - Giant Rat

    • 2500 wins - Skeleton

  • You’ll unlock these for reaching your Citadel Level Goals!

    • 20 - Iron Golem

    • 40 - Cockatrice

    • 60 - Manticore

    • 80 - Eldritch Anchor

    • 100 - Fae Rose

    • 120 - Gnoll Demolishonist

    • 140 - Incubus

    • 160 - Fiery Golath

    • 180 - Owlbear

    • 200 - Pink Owlbear

  • Unlock the Gold Dragon for defeating 250 Dragons

  • Unlock the Dragon Liche for completing the main Story


Reward Sequence

  • Common resources like Gold, Ore, and Food will now be shown collectively within the Rewards which should speed up the sequence

  • Spells and gear will now display additional information relevant to the item, such as weapon damage and item attributes

  • Can now Salvage all collectables at once from the reward screen

Quality of Life


  • The Chat menu will now group messages from the same person into the one box

  • If more than 30 minutes have passed since the last message, another message from the same person will include a timeline break

  • Any Portrait and frame updates between messages will be applied to new messages, or grouped messages from that point onwards

  • When Mass Salvaging from the Inventory menu, a list of all items marked for salvage will appear before salvaging. 


  • The Bazaar Tier has been renamed to Bazaar Level, to more easily differentiate it from the Tier rewards in the Bazaar.

  • Seasonal Relics are now purchasable within the Archive

  • A reward pip will now be visible upon completion of a Seasonal Goal

Bug Fixes


  • Spells being cast prevent the Dwarven Boots Armor bonus from applying

  • [SONY] Replayable Adventures locking after completion

  • Trarg Gloves - Speed is not capped when granting Crit Chance

  • Fae Gift Poison debuff causing Spring Siphon to heal less

    • Will now treat the debuff as a 1 turn poison

  • Th’Akheilos’s Chomp spell now does its bonus damage as Ice like the description says

  • Eldritch Flame and Flaming Snorri spells Consume Fire, Eldritch Darkness, and Corroded Earth show a set amount of gems created/destroyed instead of the random range

  • Th’Akheilos’ Landspeed spell grants 5 turns of haste instead of 4

  • Doom applies to the enemy instead of the player when the enemy matches Doomwood Gems


  • Doomknight spell icons are displaying as the same icon

  • Pirate from Season 2.4 appearing in place of the Villager in Chapter XI


  • Fixed PvP score bonus display extending outside the console safe region

  • The countdown timer for name change showing as a negative time

  • Eveline is displaying incorrect reward text within the Tavern

  • Ultimate spell mana appears incorrectly


  • Error when launching  Dragonking's Prize Adventure Map for the first time

  • Corrupt Guard Relic text is not localized

Known Issues

  • Reflect can be triggered after an enemy is defeated- this can cause a loss with the player taking reflected damage before the battle resolves

  • Leaving the game in the background causes a black background 

  • Minotaur Paladin tail is way too excited

  • Plague Witch ‘Infuse Poison’ can remove Hero Gems (Imp Gem)

    • Fixed in 3.0

  • "End Turn" appears/remains when there are matches available

    • Fixed in 3.0

  • PQ3 client is causing some devices to overheat (iOS/Android/Xbox Series X)

  • Taking enough damage to lose all health from Sharkskin robes effect causes defeat

  • Both the opponent and player dying (that results in a loss) causes the shrine to pop up

  • Defeat after Enemy takes fatal damage

  • Attribute bonuses displaying incorrectly when viewing tooltips

  • Salvaged items remain after salvaging- salvaging again hits a random item instead of selected

  • Risen Gems affecting linked gem matches

  • Element Icon is missing from Items, Spells, and Minions in the Inventory List & Loadout

    • A fix is on the way in a hotfix

  • Daily Deals and Kingdom Bazaar items for Spell Pages show as “1 Random Spell Page”. However, they are awarding the correct number of pages for a spell.

    • The title will be corrected in a hotfix.

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