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Red Solstice 2: Survivors PC 1.1 Patch Notes (2021 June 18)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM



  • You can no longer lose more than few minutes of progress in the game if your game crashes or ends in any way
  • Fix for Map Desync on Hotjoin
  • Fix for crash on Strategy Layer when Dropship found an invalid location
  • Crash fix for joining lobbies
  • Improved networking


  • Fixed InviteFriend and AddBot from not displaying at all. Also changed the buttons at the bottom of Overview to update correctly. No more temporary overlap of the InvitePlayer and Add Bot buttons.
  • Potential fix for observer camera not snapping as it should
  • Thanatos Armor visuals now work properly
  • Revive from Executor will now display range each time it's used to show players what is the range


  • Clients will not lose their progress when they crash anymore
  • Host will not lose everything if it crashes on combat layer, saves profile every 1 minute


  • Set the ServerBrowser's IgnoreStartedGames setting to true by default.


  • Campaign will not crash after loading a campaign campaigns that were crashing will be able to progress normally now
  • Fixed several other crashes related to targeting and player controller being invalid


  • You can now evacuate on colony doors at wave 15 onwards, no restrictions anymore
  • Partial success victories will give rewards (pyrhic, partial, total victory)
  • Removed unused reaction snipe from marksman skill tree
  • 2nd Visual Gar will also get bonuses from gar upgrade
  • Ker Glitching out and not burrowing/unburrowing properly.
  • Field status mission fix with atrocity boss.
  • Hunter Tail spike causing of players getting stuck if hunter dies.
  • Follower bots will not glitch when using skills.
  • Radial group move got fixed
  • Followers using secondary weapons on interactable objects, not only monsters
  • Convoy on escort Condatis are faster providing a new take on the mission so it's less boring


  • Boss Atrocity will spawn properly now


  • Ker Slam animation particle range fix
  • Remove collision on the BridgeDestructibpe_BP after the bridge gets destroyed
  • Satellite terminals import new model and textures, material setup, archive interactable picture
  • Remove receive decal on various dynamic drones in game
  • Replaced Gar weapon skeletal mesh with correct one
  • Particle effects for marksman reaper, medic neutralizer
  • Assign particle effects into skill blueprints for the medic neutralizer, change visuals of the particles
  • Holer burrowing particle effect more visible
  • Added more images to interactable tab
  • Remove collision from trees for projectiles and bullets
  • Increase rain particle sprite size to make a bit more visible (was 5% visible before)
  • Fixed particle visuals for waypoint locator, bio sample, hack doors, jetpack jump
  • Fix door blocker emissive visuals
  • Add LODs for all monster skeletal meshes that were missing them (avg 70% polygon reduction), increases performance


  • Changed options menu handling. Right click should now cancel resolution change or exit without applying settings.
  • Changed research widget's visual handling. Started but not currently being researched tech will show a grey percentage, and "CONTINUE" instead of "PAUSE" or "RESEARCH". This should clarify that only one research is currently active.
  • Removed the "Type" of item from the in-game item tooltip since it's localization was messed up.
  • Changed the ranks on the left side in the bot screen to display the correct ranks at which bots gain a new level and get their new skill.
  • Fixed the layout of the stats in the Profile section. They should take up more screen space to avoid localization overlapping and have correct colouring and size to match the rest of the UI.
  • Removed three mission type textures that had bad alpha and were incorrectly applied to a couple data tables. Correct texture has been placed and replaced in these tables.
  • Fixed bot's injury display to correctly display after a mission.
  • Fixed the popup for interacting with other players Kick/AddFriend/ViewProfile stats.
  • Fixed doomsday clock not displaying correctly on game load. Also animated the warning icons, also added some spacing to stop jumpy UI when time changes.
  • Fixed the Small icon on planet when zoomed out not updating correctly for outposts/regions when a region loses an outpost.
  • Added tooltips to disabled buttons that are disabled because of the player's inability to pick that class due to class limits.
  • Changed save widget's layout style to clean it up. Better spacing, and more easily read information
  • Added NewItem indicators to the sliders in MissionSetup of campaigns, to direct the player towards them more once they have unlocked a new research tier for them.
  • Changed most Archives to be alphabetically sorted. The two not alphabetically sorted is Tutorials, and Story related stuff.
  • Fixed bots rank displaying wrong on the buttons in the bottom of Overview.
  • Updated mission widgets on the planet to display their time in orange or red when there are only 2 and only 1 day remaining of time before the mission will expire.
  • Fix for Bestiary Tab Button's NewItem notification not updating its counter in the button.

File size: Approx. 950 MB

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