Red Solstice 2: Survivors PC 1.2 Patch Notes (2021 June 2)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM


  • Fixed Crash that would happen if you max out on outposts
  • Changes to the save profile algorithm that includes multiple backups.
  • Crashfix for edge case when module gets added to combat suit before the system is fully ready.
  • Fixed crash when certain buff would fail to appear over network
  • Fixed 3 crashes in campaign
  • Fixed a bug where players could have joined Skimirsh matches with executor setup if they came from campaign
  • Skill tree will cost only 1% XP instead of 10% now
  • Players can now change difficulty anytime during the campaign
  • Major fixes and optimization to chat
  • If player gets revived, he will be shown as alive normally to everyone involved in the squad menu
  • corrected rank progression table
  • removed intro movie logo so people don’t crash with certain configurations
  • reduced size of story videos and encoded them in more friendly environment so that people encounter less problems
  • Temporary disabled skill swapping in armory because it led to extremely bad breakages in some edge cases until we fix it


  • Skirmish match will now return players back to armory
  • Capture trap will no longer block player progression if objective was to kill creature and you captured it


  • Players who hotjoin games will be hidden from ai for 30 seconds or until they start doing damage, they will also always spawn on the nearest spot near the rest of the squad


  • Normalized earlier and later waves
  • Removed spam of monsters from same type


  • Fixed unreachable power relay
  • Fixed location where player can get stuck
  • Fixed evac points on outskirts level
  • Fixed issue with outpost02 spawning and blocking path on mining colony
  • Reloaded old foliage prefab with new ones
  • Fixed navigation issue where players could not pass destroyed walls
  • Same site will no longer block players on living soil


  • Slightly optimized monsters
  • Monsters should be smarter and will not try to break door if there is passage nearby


  • Pressing the default button will now set you to default
  • Added SKIRMISH/CAMPAIGN info next to game lobby row
  • SHIVA and FLARE GUN items have special mission icons now
  • Storm icon inside region list will now show proper tooltip
  • Tech tree will now show which class you will unlock by researching it
  • Removed add soldier button from non-campaign


  • Reduced number of missions that spawn per week from 4 to 3 to reduce repetitiveness of missions
  • Fixed bug where failing to defend outpost would add +1 global infestation
  • Reduced number of specialists needed for zero cell exposure and outpost relay
  • Storm in region will no longer cap horde arrival slider or air support slider
  • Successful colony siege defense missions will reduce infestation in its region
  • Removed a bug in data entry so that defend (Howell Barrex, insurgents, blacklight) missions gives you proper infestation reduce in regions
  • Get supplies mercs give better rewards now
  • Get supplies mercs can only spawn in colony region
  • Get supplies can only spawn in outpost below 3 infestation region
  • Decreased the rate of spawning defense missions at the same time
  • Defense outpost now requires infestation level 4 instead of 3 to spawn
  • Experimental stimulants last longer now


  • If follower arrives with certain weapon, you will be able to reequip it even if you don't have it researched
  • Non assigned followers will automatically use zipline without waiting for player when player uses it
  • Fix for followers not reloading an empty weapon
  • slightly improved follower behavior when against the wall


  • Rescue troops will spawn 4 ppl evac now
  • Disable jammer will not power up the power relay now
  • Changed insurgent gauntlet so that any player can trigger it instead of entire team
  • Armageddon will now properly spawn nukes while staying on evac, increased hunter spawn time by 10 sec
  • Center mass and Howell will have 4 ppl evac now
  • Armageddon and Center mass explosions will now have 4 man evacs
  • Center Mass Explosion has been changed to remove blocker that was happening in certain cases
  • Helipad resupply will not repeat dialogue twice
  • SHIVA will not have a chance to drop on your head anymore when Armageddon starts
  • Removed 2 nuke obsolete missions from game that were causing problems
  • Rescue troops drops 4 rope evac now
  • Removed Mrityunjaya from insurgent gauntlet


  • Thanatos Armor will have skeletal mesh now
  • Looting supply cache completely will destroy it now to prevent any item getting stuck in it
  • Removed wishlist button
  • Certain numbered terminal can only be used in specific cases
  • Maximum and initial suit level will now properly display which max level you can achieve during that match
  • Fix for mission XP display mistake for Horde Timings
  • Sandworm will no longer one shot HAPC from mechanized force
  • CELL marines have more health
  • Lockers cannot give nothing anymore
  • Temporary removed intro video until we find proper solution
  • Door blocker now has 12000 instead of 3000 health


  • Elpida targeting will have correct radius now
  • Safety zone charging increased
  • Disruptor radius increased by 500
  • Explosive turret builds in 1 second now
  • Conceal will now be visible to pick from start
  • Armor plating available from the start in skirmish

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