Red Solstice 2: Survivors (Steam) Rebalance Patch Notes (2021 December 16)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM


  • Skirmish missions can be chosen now
  • Daily challenge can have any available map in skirmish


  • Optimized the game and the network slightly
  • Frost skills and items will apply chilled effect before applying freeze, monsters that are no longer Suppressed cannot be frozen
  • Improved vehicles splines
  • Fix for using specialized weapons (grenade launcher) while jumping with thrusters and crashing the game
  • Added ARC shuttle to launchpad prefab
  • Fix for emergency extraction terminal not working


  • Remade match summary
  • Overwatch range display fix for component
  • In-game weapon tooltip will display final spread instead of current spread
  • Improved kinetic spear tooltip
  • Enemy vehicles now show on map as red
  • Unranked games will correctly display non limits now
  • Added storm tooltip in region compact and region list


  • Improved tentacle generation for biomass
  • Localization fixes
  • Demolition explosives will be protected by random cars and destructibles now


  • Increased claymores damage and added 40 suppression damage per claymore, reduced radius by 100
  • Leaper mine can taunt very high threats now (Fluffies)
  • Satchels will always break walls
  • incendiary explosive adds 15 stacks on detonation and burning effect lasts for 15 seconds
  • Increased claymore, satchel reaper, incendiary, chain explosives max stack by 5


  • Zombie types will have roughly 50 suppressions
  • Overall improvements and bugfixes to Ripjaw


  • Cryo pulse mine now shreds 1-2 armor
  • Shockwave no longer triggers gas pipes to prevent accidental teamkills
  • User of team thrusters will also get Death From Above buff
  • GenerateAmmo no longer reloads and wastes advanced ammo when weapon is out of ammo
  • Plasma Discharge now consumes stacks on clicking the skill
  • Improvements to fortify and rebuild so it works better with people who hotjoin
  • Reduced efficiency of equalizer and consumption by 33%
  • Fixed for Repeller not applying resistance debuff


  • Crimson Storm will have better biomass spawns at final stand
  • Gather Test subjects will not expire anymore
  • Fix for blocker when traveling away after completing Crimson Storm 1 during dialogs
  • Fix for world map state when quitting For Humanity mission
  • Fixes Edge case issue of Artillery Mission splitting enemy marines and now reaper turret from the terminal location.
  • Supply Cache now has an enemy marine drop pod assault force that attempts to recapture supply box.
  • Fixes Edge Case issue of terminal splitting and issue where storm stopped growing by only activating power relays.
  • Moved monster ambush to run parallel to turning on the terminal instead of spawn bulk and end.
  • Added ambush of low tier monsters to disruptors to make it more engaging.
  • Fixed Edge case splitting issue of Enemy HB marines from spawning somewhere else then the terminal being tagged.
  • Slightly reworked Elysium Grand Skirmish where the Elpida Marine arrives later but learned how to use a dropships evac rope.
  • Fixed an Edge Case issue of support UBAS on Jungle of Madness from spawning underground
  • Various fixes and tweaks for Howell-Barrex DLC missions where Enemy Marines that defend a location stand their ground better.
  • Added missing main mission 9 - Brotherhood in Howell Barrex Campaign which completes the brothers’ storyline


  • Buildable items can be completed via followers now (turrets etc.)

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