Red Solstice 2: Survivors (PC Steam) Rise of the Demolition Patch Notes (2022 April 28)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:01 PM

Based on community feedback, we have put more life into the Demolition class. We have introduced a new play style which is centred around resource management as we have added a disarm skill. All Demolition players can create explosives on the go now, while disarming any placed explosives. However, any explosives which are disarmed will be 'degraded' to disarmed mines, a type of explosive that works like the minefield skill.

We have also added a new magnetic pulse mine skill on top of the disarm skill to add an extra punch to the Demolition class. Along with the two new skills, we have added more support by giving other skills for the Demolition an amplified explosion buff.

Let the explosions begin!

Patch details below and please find additional info for skills & monster changes here:


  • Fixed reload exploit for changing fire modes
  • Damage display fix for clients with AOE weapons
  • Fix for jetpack particles
  • Frozen buff now adds 20% instead of 30% additional damage
  • Reduced cost of atmosphere controller
  • Reduced cost of weapons


  • Improved shout system for skills
  • Various mission fixes


  • Adjusted health for Zombie monster
  • Zombie marine, UBAS does destructive damage as intended now
  • Added spawn animation for atrocity
  • Fix for invisible immortal
  • Etaphreven and Mrityunjaya are stronger but will spawn less


  • New GAR and old GAR variant are now slightly different
  • Fast shotgun has innate ammo of 20 now, longer range


  • Cryo pulse mine range fix if pre-detonated
  • Health and energy now can use float values instead of whole numbers only
  • Skill damage now increases heal of all healing skills
  • Item damage now increases damage of all explosives and inventory items
  • Crusader now properly blocks damage if shield is raised
  • Fixed team thrusters’ duration so it corresponds with the skill duration
  • Call reinforcements, marines no longer spawn behind walls
  • Energy battery won't block bullets


  • Improved HASTAC prefab, now using the terminal will drop HASTAC shells
  • Fixed nitrogen pipes
  • Fix for creeper spawn so that players don't get eaten in loading screen
  • Optimized minimap/big map
  • Reduced chain explosives drop rate


  • +1 offense slot
  • Added disarm skill (generates disarm mines from any already placed explosives)
  • Added magnetic pulse skill
  • Minefield can be used on location instead on self
  • Minefield and disarmed mines now activated individually per threat; minimal threat required raised
  • Improvements to spike strip placing
  • Cluster mine does destructive damage
  • Shrapnel bomb applies on biomass
  • Magnetic pulse mine pulls minefields now

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