Puzzle Quest 3 (Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam) Update v2.1.0 (2023 June 7)

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New Season - The Necrotic Tomes

The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 GMT) on Tuesday 13th June.


  • Start - 13th June (Release of Season 2.1, new gear, spells, minions, and weapon)
  • Chapter II unlocks - 27th June
  • Chapter III unlocks - 11th July
  • Hard mode - 25th July
  • Elite Mode - 1st August
  • End date -  8th August

“Deep in the Doomwood, a dark power stirs… battles long forgotten haunt Etheria once more.”

New Items

Values in bold are affected by the rarity or element of the item.

The Necrotic Set

  • Necrotic Tome
    • When Dealing damage with this item's Gem Color, there is a 30-50% chance to apply a stack of Doom on the enemy.
  • Found deep in the Doomwood forests, this tome has the power to give life or to destroy it - both of which may come at great cost to the wielder. 
  • Necrotic Barrier (Shield)
    • While I have Doom, increase my Block Chance by 10-30%.
      • Depictions of the Doomwood forest adorn the front of this shield as a reminder of the origin of its strong wooden core
  • Necrotic Visage (Helm)
    • At the start of battle there is a [~30-50~40-80%] chance to inflict Terror on the enemy for 3 turns.
      • The shape of this helm’s visor is a tribute to the owls of the Doomwood.
  • Necrotic Steps (Boots)
    • If I have Doom, gain 30-50 Speed.
      • One should tread carefully when wearing the shoes of the dead. Thankfully, these boots are brand new.
  • Necrotic Binding (Ring)
    • At the start of my turn, if the enemy has Terror, gain 1-4 to all mana.
      • A pointed reminder of those who came before, forged from a piece of a slain Arachnitaur’s armor.
  • Necrotic Sign (Necklace)
    • If the enemy has Terror, increase any healing on me by 30-50%.
      • Due to its sharp point, this necklace doubles as a tool for stripping the bark from dead oak trees.


  • Set I (2-piece set bonus)
    • When matching Skulls, there is a 1-6% chance to apply 1 stack of Doom to the enemy.
  • Gain 5-30% All Elemental Damage Reduction if facing Season 2.1 enemies.
  • Set II (4-piece set bonus)
    • When dealing Dark damage there is a 5-10% chance to inflict Terror upon the enemy for 2 turns.
  • Gain 5-30% Melee & Missile Damage Reduction if facing Season 2.1 enemies.
  •  Set III (6-piece set bonus)
    • If the enemy has Terror, deal 5-10% extra damage.
  • Gain 5-30% Power if facing Season 2.1 enemies. 

New Legendary Item

Available only in the Cache items in the Season shop, this item will drop at Legendary rarity.

  • Eldritch Wraps
    • On dealing physical damage, there is a 10-40% chance to apply a stack of Doom on the enemy.
      • Time and barnacles may have ravaged much of this once-shiny garment, but the decorative face of an ancient god that adorns its front seems somehow indestructible.

New Spells

Values in bold are affected by the level or rarity of the spell.

  • Burning Anguish (135 Red Mana)
    • Deal 1x damage as Fire, and apply Terror for 2-7 turns. If the enemy already has Terror, deal half the damage again.
    • (Level: Damage, Rarity: Status Duration)
  • Suffocating Presence (125 Green Mana)
    • Deal 1x damage as Poison, and apply Terror for 2-7 turns. If the enemy already has Terror, drain half their mana.
    • (Level: Damage, Rarity: Status Duration)
  • Creeping Terror (130 Purple Mana)
    • Deal 1x damage as Dark, and apply Terror for 2-7 turns. If the enemy already has Terror, reduce their Power by 10%.
    • (Level: Damage, Rarity: Status Duration)
  • Paralyzing Fear (120 Blue Mana)
    • Deal 1x damage as Cold, and apply Terror for 2-7 turns. If the enemy already has Terror, reduce their Power by 10%.
    • (Level: Damage, Rarity: Status Duration)

New Minions

  • Wolverini
    • Cunning
    • PvP Spell: Crushing Claws (50 Mana)
      • Deal 1x Poison Damage, and apply 1 stack of Doom.
        • Doom: After 4 turns, deal 5% of max life as true damage per stack of Doom.
  • Wenge
    • Speedy
    • PvP Spell: Rime Tipped Roots (55 Mana)
      • Deal 1x Ice damage, and gain 0.75x Resistance.
  • Silkslet
    • Speedy
    • PvP Spell: Terrifying Dance (45 Mana)
      • Apply Terror for 4 turns, if the enemy is already terrified heal for 0.5x and apply 1 stack of Doom.
        • Doom: After 4 turns, deal 5% of max life as true damage per stack of Doom.
  • Prinny
    • Might
    • PvP Spell: Royal Fetor (70 Mana)
      • Remove all green gems. Poison the enemy for 1 turn for each gem removed, and add 1 stack of Doom for every 3 gems removed.
        • Poison: Poisoned characters take extra damage each turn.
        • Doom: After 4 turns, deal 5% of max life as true damage per stack of Doom.

The Items, Spells, and Minions use new Relics obtainable through the Season Dungeons to evolve.

New Skins

  • Doomwood Mercenary
    • A little dark magic can really make an outfit pop!

Adventure Additions


Class XP Multiplier

  • Adventures now support awarding bonus XP to specific classes (does require adventures to make use of the support)

Merchant Node Preview

  • Can now preview what Merchants Deals and Fae Gifts are available from the start of the adventure

Revisiting Nodes

  • Added support for nodes to be revisited(does require adventures to make use of the support)

Accessibility: Arachnophobia Setting

When encountering a battle with an arachnid for the first time, you will be prompted with a one-time message that will allow you to enable Arachnophobia Mode. Accessing the settings from here will enable this mode by default. This setting will censor all arachnid-type enemies in battle, visually replacing them with a pink Owl Bear. At any point, Arachnophobia Mode can be turned on or off via the general settings menu.


Adventurer’s Guide Bestiary

You can now revisit any enemy you’ve previously defeated in the Bestiary tab on the Adventurer’s Guide. Selecting an entry will show more detailed information about their passive and spells, along with a 3D preview of the enemy.

Selecting an enemy in a pre-battle display or the enemy’s portrait in battle will also open up the details view. 


Small thing that’s not really a feature but too big to be QOL



Quality of Life

Grouped possible enemies when only one is used

  • Added a grouping to denote the possible random enemies in a dungeon when selecting the ? icon for more information about a battle.

QOL Thing 2



  • Item 1


  • Item 1


  • Item 1


  • Improved loading screen art and animations (not really a QOL, but not a bug either)
  • Added an additional confirmation popup to all flash offers and shop products that cost crowns or gems
  • Removed delay on UI appearing when swapping heroes


  • Added notification pips to indicate new kingdom bazaar deals, and when the bazaar restock is purchased, additionally, added push notifications for when the bazaar restock is purchased

Bug Fixes


  • Master of Arms bonus too low


  • Item 1


  • Some battle goals aren’t displaying if all achievements are completed
  • Follower (Elyra) gold bonus value displaying incorrect scaling color (blue instead of green)
  • Material finder for follower crystals in chests now links to the appropriate dungeon, instead of the main menu
  • Follower upgrade button is now blue instead of glowing green if you don’t have the resources to upgrade them
  • Fixed the color of text for Elyra’s Gold per hour to match her rarity.
  • Added highlighted and pressed effects to many buttons, mostly on resource buttons with tooltips


  • IAP with choices causing "User choices do not match with the product." error

Known Issues

  • Gold total in gear/spell upgrade pop-up does not update, preventing upgrade if a player collects mail while in the gear screen
    • Can be resolved by exiting and re-entering the screen
  • ‘Rooster’s Crow’ passive is not triggering when 10+ yellow gems are matched
    • Also Alpha Crow
  • Reflect can be triggered after an enemy is defeated- this can cause a loss with the player taking reflected damage before the battle resolves
  • Leaving the game in the background causes a black background
  • Minotaur Paladin tail is way too excited
  • 1.4 Season text… MISSING!?
  • 1.4 Season task progress stuck at 0 (Own Rare+ Spells)
  • Plague Witch ‘Infuse Poison’ can remove Hero Gems (Imp Gem)
  • An issue with Autoplay causing endless casts when no matches are available
  • Rarity color missing from certain spell descriptions
  • Possessed breaks the barrier effect
  • Hero Select/Swap Screen Scrolling indexing issue
  • Overly sensitive pinch to zoom
  • End Turn displays when matches are available
  • A graphical issue on Hero spells in the Hero select screen
  • Warlords Battleaxe applying damage
  • Daemon Pact and Infuse Poison timing
  • Doomknight has duplicate spell icons
  • Possessed breaks Barrier
  • A player dying during a long Gem Cascade causes a soft lock

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