Total Tank Generals (Steam) Easy RNG Update v1.2 (2023 May, 4)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:00 PM

Features and changes:

  • Added an “Easy” RNG setting
    • Attacks following a missed attack have a higher chance of success. (does not affect Assaults)
    • This option is enabled by default when first launching the game and can be changed both in the Campaign menu and Single Scenario selection.
    • Once set, the RNG difficulty setting cannot be changed midway through a Scenario. (It can still be changed before starting the next one)
  • Added an “Alternate” RNG setting
    • Random Hit/Miss outcomes on this setting are manipulated to avoid long series of unlikely events (does not affect Assaults)
    • Once set, the RNG difficulty setting cannot be changed midway through a Scenario. (It can still be changed before starting the next one)
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Tanks as well as Tank Destroyers can now be upgraded to their Advanced versions
    • This functions similarly to how Light Infantry can be upgraded into Mechanized Infantry - the upgraded unit retains its Perk progression and tree
    • Basic Light Tanks that have the level 5 +1 armor perk selected in existing saves will transform into Advanced Light Tanks instead
    • In the future, we will look into Upgrading between Tank types and potentially other unit types as well. Please let us know your thoughts on the subject!
  • New Loading Screens are now displayed based on played Nation and Landscape
  • Reworked Recon AI to be more capable:
    • Now can capture empty points
    • Now can assault enemies if it has extremely high odds of winning
    • Now can attack enemies if it decides that an attack is likely to be safe
    • Can escape mid-scouting if it decides it’s no longer safe
  • Added a new Sniper order to AI behavior:
    • Order can be assigned in the Scenario Editor
    • Focuses low-health enemy units in range
    • It can walk short distances if it’s safe and allows it to hit a unit in the same turn
    • It can escape if it determines it’s no longer safe
  • Added units that use the aforementioned orders to existing Single Scenarios.
    (Snipers are not added to Campaign scenarios at the moment)
  • Tweaked the difficulty of the Falaise Pocket Patton campaign scenario so that deploying on both sides is more viable as a strategy
  • Tweaked the difficulty of the Battle of Troina Patton campaign scenario so that the German assault is not as top-heavy
  • Tweaked orders of units in the Operation Uranus Zhukov campaign scenario so that Stalingrad is less likely to be left unattended 



  • Fix Soviet Mortars having higher Morale than intended
  • Fix Soviet Mortars and Cavalry costing less than intended
  • Fix US Strategic Bombing dealing higher damage than intended
  • Fix German Advanced Light Tanks missing the German Tank Defense bonus
  • Fix German Heavy Tanks having a wider Soft damage range than intended
  • Fix German Advanced Tank Destroyers having less Ammo than other nations
  • Fix sorting priority to display tanks with correct ordering regardless of which nations are combined
  • Fix one of the Anti-Air Gun perks using an old icon
  • Fix roads going over the table frame in some Single Scenario maps
  • Minor localization fixes
  • Fix an error when some settings could not be loaded
  • Fix units losing AP when an Upgrade perk is selected
  • Fix a minor issue with AI deployment distance
  • Fix Suppression having no effect if applied during the opposing Player’s turn
  • Fix “Artillery is king of the battlefield” achievement only unlocking if AI performed the required action
  • Fix “Carpet Bombing” achievement not unlocking when its conditions are met


We appreciate all the feedback coming in for Total Tank Generals and hope you will continue to support us as we approach the next update on the Roadmap.


If you encounter any issues while playing Total Tank Generals, please send a detailed description of the issue at

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