Total Tank Generals (Steam) v1.3 Patch Notes (2023 June, 22)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:00 PM

Features and changes:

  • Added a new Campaign that is an extended version of the Rommel Campaign, with new objectives, reworked Battles, and an in-depth look at Rommel’s exploits. 
    • This campaign is available separately from the original Rommel Campaign
    • 10 Scenarios with new completion Medals and Achievements
    • This campaign is more difficult than our remaining Campaigns. Battles that appear in both this as well as the original Rommel Campaign are significantly reworked, and utilize several new elements that we’ve added in this and the previous update - such as new objectives, events, better AI.
    • Scenario list: Battle of Arras (1940), Siege of Lille (1940), Operation Skorpion (1941), Operation Crusader (1941), 2nd Battle of Tobruk (1942), Battle of Mersa Matruh (1942), 1st Battle of El-Alamein (1942), 2nd Battle of El-Alamein (1942), Battle of Kasserine Pass (1943), Battle for Caen (1944)
  • Added new Victory conditions. Those Victory conditions are used in the Extended Rommel Campaign.
    • Hold at least a number of Major Strategic Points for some number of turns to win
    • Capture a specific Strategic Point within a number of turns, and hold it for some more turns
    • Capture all Major Strategic Points and eliminate a number of enemies in some number of turns
    • Eliminate a number of enemies in some number of turns
  • Added new Defeat conditions and changed the way in which they are checked against. Defeat conditions can now be combined in a way that suits any specific scenario, instead of always checking the three default ones (first three conditions on this list). This allows for creating defensive Scenarios where reaching the turn limit is not synonymous with Defeat.
    • Defeat due to reaching the Turn Limit
    • Defeat due to losing all units
    • Defeat due to losing all Major Strategic Points
    • Defeat due to enemy Capturing a specific Strategic Point from the Player
    • Defeat due to enemy owning a specific Strategic Point 
  • Added new Events - simple scripted sequences that can be used while creating Scenarios. Those Events are used in the Extended Rommel Campaign.
    • There are currently three types of Events: Change prestige, Change capacity, and Spawn reinforcements
    • Events can happen with the following triggers: At the end of a Turn, At the start of a Turn, or when a specific Strategic Point is captured
  • Added a new British Advanced Light Tank unit - the Mk VI “Crusader”
  • Added a warning about possible issues if the Player has old saves in storage
  • Unit levels can now be specified per Scenario for pre-placed units
  • Improved Subtitle visibility in Campaign briefings
  • Anti Tank, Anti Air and Heavy Infantry have had their level 5 “Double Overwatch” perk replaced (as it did not function correctly)
    • Anti Tank guns now have the “Close Combat” perk instead
    • Anti Air guns now have the “Protect” perk instead
    • Heavy Infantry now has the “Overwatch Range” perk instead
  • Most units that had only 2 perks on certain levels now have 3 perks instead - the perks that were added should allow for creating some new, unique types of specialized units
  • Added some extra content to the Advisor about new objectives
  • Assault can no longer be used when a unit has 0 Ammo left
  • Distributing shared Experience (for example, Exp from kills) now ignores units that cannot gain Experience (units at Max Lvl, Auxiliary units)
  • Added a light rubber-banding system that attempts to smooth-out Player experience in saves where the Player is significantly ahead or significantly behind of the expected value of units. At this time, this system is only used in the Extended Rommel Campaign.
  • Optimized AI actions so that there is significantly less stuttering during AI turns.
  • “Resupply” and “Level-Up” now have their own Hotkeys
  • Anti Air artillery can now shoot at Air targets that would normally be obscured by closed terrain for the purposes of normal targeting logic



  • Fixed an issue where some game elements would become unresponsive after closing Steam overlay.
  • Fixed an issue where Airfields could be placed on biomes different than Plains
  • “Enemy Destroyed” SFX no longer plays when killing units in the Fog of War
  • Unit Morale damage is now properly forecast when using Air Strikes
  • Fixed the “Anti-tank leader” perk having a wrong description for Medium Tanks
  • Fixed the “Open Defense” perk of Self-propelled Artillery having an incorrect amount of defense specified in its tooltip (was 1, actually gives 2)
  • Fixed some minor language issues in the English localization.
  • Encircled units can now move through Zones of Control when they have the “Ignore Zone of Control” Perk.
  • The 2D background political map in Rommel’s campaigns no longer incorrectly shows Syria and Iraq as Allies during the events of Operation Skorpion.
  • Fixed the order of medals in Zhukov’s, Rommel’s and Patton’s campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue where AI units with the Sniper order could rarely cause a softlock.
  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Infantry and Heavy Tank “Let them come” perk had no effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Infantry “MG nest” perk had no effect
  • Fixed an issue where the “Ammo resupply” perk gave twice the intended amount of ammo
  • Fixed an issue where the “Counter battery” perk would have no effect most of the time
  • Fixed an issue where the Anti Air “Anti-tank overwatch” provided its bonus against all targets, to all units on Hex, and only if the owner was not in Overwatch.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI was not resupplying units that were Out of Morale.
  • Fixed an issue where AI-controlled units could fail to find a path through impassable terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where AI could repeatedly fail to select a valid Air Force mission.
  • Fixed an issue where Capturing a unit would not count as a Kill.
  • Fixed named hexes showing the Major Strategic Point tooltip even if they were placed on terrain without any Strategic Points.




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