Crime Boss: Rockay City (EPIC, XSX, PS5) Update #7 (2024 February 7)

Modified on Wed, 7 Feb at 8:59 AM

General Changes

  • Improved stealth takedown (visual + gameplay).
  • Improved Butcher - is more dangerous, easier to hit weak zone (saw canister), can’t be cheated by using high ground (out of Butcher’s reach).
  • Equipment reworked - These are now on a cooldown basis instead of set charges. Players can now purchase them in a similar fashion as weapons.
  • NEW rare equipment - Camera Jammer.
  • Improvements to mantling and added animations.

 SP Campaign

  • Onboarding rework - streamlined first user experience in the single-player campaign.
    • The first new campaign starts with a new cutscene.
    • Followed by the first forced mission (tutorial).
    • Closed by a new cutscene that starts the first day.
    • The first day is metagame tutorial - taking neutral turf, attacking turf, buying army, doing heists, and ending day.
      • The player’s position on the map is fixed to suit the tutorial.
      • Character arrivals (Ranger, Jupiter, Cracker) and their story missions are gated by higher respect, so they should not appear on the first day during FTUE.
    • The cutscene of the arrival of the sheriff and tutorial hint about HEAT and INVESTIGATION.
    • The rest is a fully systemic rogue-lite campaign, with some tutorial hints - there is a button in Option that can reset all tutorial hints (so they will re-appear).
    • Any subsequent restart of the SP campaign will start with a systemic roguelite campaign from the start.
  • Reworked Heat (Police Reaction Force) calculation to rise after each played mission during each day and reset on the day's end. This makes further missions more difficult if you are not relying on stealth.
  • The investigation, based on the player’s crimes during a mission, is a little bit tougher in general, previously it rose too slowly.
  • The player gets Baker and +2 heisters at the start of every campaign.
  • In the FTUE run, the player has Baker +4 heisters.
  • After getting boss cards, the player can get an additional 1-2 (a total of 3-4) heisters.
  • Hiring of other heisters is now more expensive.
  • Tweaked the appearance of new small hits to give players more complex and difficult missions in the later part of the campaign run.
  • Missions that are to weaken enemy gangs are now affecting turfwar (enemy soldier counts) or can neutralize enemy turf. Goals (little plotlines) to weaken enemy gangs are redundant and thus removed.
  • Turfwar enemies rebalanced
  • Perks overhaul - fewer types of perks, but added tiers of perks.
  • Community Member “Flavio” was added as a bot name for randomly generated teammates. (Thank you for your passion and dedication to our game)



  • Added Quickjoin button - for fast connection to any existing game (or quick creation of one)
  • Reworked the Multiplayer menu for better user experience.
  • New Difficulty settings are available for Multiplayer.
  • Shuffle changes
  • Short shuffle contains 3 missions in a row
  • Medium shuffle contains 4 missions
  • Long shuffle contains 5 missions in a row



  • AI has a better reaction to certain sounds (e.g. dying AI) in stealth
  • Offers in the Main Menu are accessible from all parts of the Main Menu screen.

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