Crime Boss: Rockay City (Epic, PS5, XSX|S) UPDATE 4 (2023 September 14)

Modified on Fri, 15 Sep 2023 at 08:01 PM


  • All enemies in turf war have red markers over their heads instead of different colors per gang. 
  • Additionallythe status bar in a turf war is a red color for all enemy gangs instead of different colors for enemy gangs. 
  • Tactical ping was added - pinging twice in a row fast can be used to command AI to do specific tasks - attack and loot.
  • Aim Assist is adjusted for special enemies. 
  • Ready Status in the Multiplayer Lobby is now more significant, so players do not forget to confirm it.  
  • Buyback of weapons is now possible in Crime Time. If you lose a weapon in a mission, the black market provides an option to buy it back.  
  • Enemy boss elimination reward added. 
  • Stealth combat tweaks provide an option to intimidate enemies and sneak through missions without raising alarm. 
  • Aim Assist setting is now available in the options menu.
  • Selected features are highlighted on a new screen after game updates. 
  • New animation for stealth takedown. 


  • Stealth takedown works correctly now in multiplayer for all players. 
  • Players no longer have issues breaking objects with fists. 
  • Bug fixed when players occasionally experience bugs where territories yield negative income. 
  • Subtitles stay on screen after the dialogue is fixed. 
  • The promotion for Baker and Touchdown is not free anymore as intended. 
  • The invisible collision in ‘Meet the Captain’ removed. 
  • The input device in voice chat can be changed now. 
  • Getting back from the Alt-tabbed game no longer muffles the in-game sound. 
  • The fire extinguisher no longer disappears after picking it up while holding two bags of loot. 
  • The shuffle debrief screen shown correctly for all clients. 
  • Players are no longer able to push vehicles on the map. 
  • Highway convoy – clients had occasional issues with attaching loot bags to escape the rope. 
  • The elevator in Hidden Vault doesn’t trigger a countdown anymore to move to the roof when on the roof. 
  • Players can shoot over the railing at the pier in Import Export. 
  • The debrief screen doesn’t trigger again after joining a new game.  

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