What's new in the 1.7.0 update for Portal Knights?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:05 PM

Here is the changelog for Portal Knights ver. 1.7.0:


  • 3 new mount merchants have been added to the game, selling mounts for gold coins. The merchants can be found on the islands “Orson Orchards” (1-08), “North Point” (2-07) and “New Caul” (3-09).
  • The mount merchants also sell a “Trough”, which has 4 slots for adding mounts so that they can roam the vicinity.
  • The equipping of mounts and also pets has been slightly reworked. It doesn’t use a specific slot anymore. Mounts and pets can now be equipped directly from the backpack or the actionbar.

Music Merchant

  • A new merchant sells musical pressure plates in the adventure mode. The merchant can be found on the island “Joren’s Outpost” (2-05).

Creative Mode Updates

  • In creative mode it is now possible to set waypoints for enemies. Waypoints can be connected to each other via the connector tool to form a lane or a circle for a patrol.
  • NPCs can now be edited to show a dialog text in the text bubble when the player interacts with them.

Major Bug Fixes

  • The overall FPS has been improved
  • Several stability issues have been fixed, including potential crashes on huge islands
  • The player’s attack animation has been improved in many situations
  • A bug has been fixed that impacted the damage of spells and other instant-use consumables
  • VFX and weapons are better hidden now during emotes and when interacting with furniture
  • Fixed some incorrect balancing values for the “Rift” reward weapons
  • There is now a DLC window in the main menu. Purchased items are still redeemed via the DLC window in the pause menu on any of the islands.

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