Open Country PC Patch Notes (2021 June 24)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM

  • Water barrels will now visually fill when they have water. They will fill faster in the rain and can evaporate when it’s hot.  
  • Fixed navigation in the races menu and added the time of day to races that did not properly display that information in the UI. 
  • Removed the repeated ‘grunting’ sound when the player is suffering from an injury. 
  • “Building Up” mission items will now spawn properly. 
  • Fixed an occasional crash when trying to deliver the “Stocking Up” mission.  
  • Animal footstep volume has been reduced. 
  • Changed the Energy icon 
  • Collision with storable items (i.e. logs) has been removed to prevent players from getting stuck. 
  • You will no longer get parasites while filling your flask. 
  • Co-Op lobby now shows the same “Server Details” and outfit tab for all users. 
  • Custom clothes selection no longer resets after loading into a multiplayer Co-Op match.  
  • All players in a Co-Op match will now see the Customize Character option in the Lobby.  
  • Removed double icons that are obscuring visibility of the environment. 
  • Fixed an issue where a Race Track was made available before the bridge had been repaired.  
  • Your dog’s hunger will now properly increase over time. 
  • The dog’s bonding level will no longer reset when traveling to the hub. 
  • The icon pointing to Chip's location will no longer remain on screen after completion of the mission. 
  • Backing out of a Co-Op lobby will no longer cause the UI to disappear.  
  •  Rocks near Watkins Pond have had their collision extended to all better access. 
  • Added additional graphics settings in the Main Menu. 
  • You can now continue to hunt after completing a Co-Op mission. 
  • The volume of your dog splashing in water has been reduced. 
  • The sleeping bag and the tent no longer get damaged when packed up. 
  • Settings tab now change screens when clicked   
  • Removed reset to defaults option from graphics menu and fixed the sound effect spawning when you changed something in the graphics menu   
  • Cutom map markers will now display properly after changing maps 
  • Descriptions and Stats in the Weapons Rack now display properly. 
  • Graphics settings are saved and applied automatically after restarting the game.  
  • Graphic Settings Quality is now set to Medium by default   
  • Adjusted mouse sensitivity to be less overpowered 

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