Terraria (PS4/XB1) Patch Notes (2021 December 7)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM

  • • Fixed: PS4 multiline editing on Signs/tombstones
    • Fixed: Clients have a delay in picking up items from the host
    • Fixed: Text overflow (ru-RU, pt-BR, es-ES): "Strange plants"
    • Fixed: Multiplayer host has infinite Wires/actuators with The Grand Design and Multicolor Wrench
    • Fixed: When using The Grand Design or Multicolor Wrench to place wires and Actuators as the multiplayer host, wires and actuators are not consumed when placed by the host, so only 1 is required to place an unlimited amount.
    • Fixed: Player keeps running after controller disconnect
    • Fixed: User is unable to navigate through options on main menu after disconnecting the network when Guide crafting or Research from inventory is invoked in MP session
    • Fixed: If you leave the Crafting Guide or research popup menu open when you pull the network cable or a multiplayer-session ends, The popup is left 'open' and inhibits the ability to select the options in the frontend. Game needs to be rebooted.
    • Fixed: In the Tutorial, the Item art in the Dialogue boxes looks duplicated/scaled and offset from the chatbox
    • Fixed: Multiplayer mannequin items don't display for client
    • Fixed: Loot appearing at locked on enemy location
    • Fixed: Issue where loot would sometimes drop below the terrain.
    • Fixed double tap Gestures issue: If you use right click to split a stack, but then let go and left click once, it doesn't pick up the stack
    • Fixed: When double Tap Gestures is on, on mouse when you right click a stack to split, release the held items back onto the stack then hold left click, it starts to count-up a split again, rather than picking up the whole stack of the item.
    • Fixed: Cannot equip when a chest is open, either from inventory or from a chest
    • Fixed: when opening the map in split screen, the map is off-center, the background isn't correct, and you cannot zoom in or out.
    • Fixed: Button callout text is missing for 'A/X' button during tutorial
    • Fixed: Cursor goes missing on accepting host invite being in 'Page Groups' screen of Interface tab
    • Fixed: When assigning villager to an empty house, the message 'The housing is already occupied' shows.
    • Fixed: Housing menu is transparent when switching back to menu from world.
    • Fixed: When in the housing menu the games frame rate drops.
    • Fixed: Clients have a delay in picking up items from host.
    • Added code to allow the equip to be performed from chests (makes sure that it doesn't conflict with any chest bindings first). Same for Equipping from inventory when chest is open

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