Red Solstice 2: Survivors (Steam) Control and Medals Patch Notes (2022 January 27)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:01 PM

• The community has been asking for WASD controls and we are happy to announce these controls are now available. We will continue to listen to your suggestions on how to improve the game further
• We have added daily challenges which will reward you and XP to keep your progression towards unlocking skill tree
• Our new feature is medals, those can be earned through combat if your performance is good enough. Medals can be equipped in loadout for various effects, explore and see what fits your build.
• We will continue to introduce various medals in upcoming patches with various bonuses, penalties, and requirements.
• Added first batch of medals
• Added daily challenges with rewards
• Added WASD control type
We added several changes to the strategy layer to make the first months of the campaign more interesting.
• Initial months have much more weak monsters
• Initial wave timer reduced from 250 seconds to 100-150-200 for first 3 waves
• Reduced gap between night shift and hunt begins missions on strategy layer
• Increased wave points for first 3 months of strategy campaign to make it more interesting
• Improved dialog consistency in coop campaign
• Intel gives 5% bonus movement speed and 3 magazine capacity to all friendly units
• Secondary missions slider now cost deployment
• Secondary missions spawn frequency depends on amount of difference between intel and infestation, intel 7 and infestation 0 will result in secondary missions spawning in first few waves
• Secondary missions in campaign and skirmish have been increased from 1,3,5 to 1,4,7
• UBAS exoskeleton can be controlled via RTS mode now instead of only WASD
• Waves after 16 will slowly increase in points with this formula 200points for each player per wave
• Fixes to lobo terminators
• Music level is calculated by considering killed monsters in last 15 seconds
• Unlock camera on dropship skill
• Added messages o player joins/leaves session
• Fix for whale not allowing pickup interaction
• Various monster navigation fixes
• Bots will no longer damage friendlies when using skills like Plasma Gun
• Minefields work properly with extender
• Silent hunter and conceal should no longer remove each other concealment
• Whale will destroy biomasses in huge radius around them after they are destroyed
• Whale will occasionally spawn a boss if left untouched
• Destroying the whale stops wave timer for certain amount of time

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