Unturned Patch Notes for Version 1.11(PS4) / 1.14(XB1) (2022 Apr 13)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:01 PM

  • The large majority of Unturned meshes have been reverted to the original ones
  • Zombies are now respawning correctly
  • V-sync option added
  • Fire rate of most weapons is now constant and not linked to the client’s FPS!!!
  • Strong recoil no longer makes most weapons incontrollable
  • Dropped items don't fall through level architecture anymore
  • "Show Hints" setting has now functionality
  • Descending barriers can no longer be activated if something blocks the way
  • Most vehicles are now at the correct max speed
  • “Repair” action now collects the correct number of items
  • Backing out from any crafting recipe doesn’t require more than 1 "Back" input anymore
  • Quest icons are no longer distorted
  • Turrets don't shoot friendly Players anymore if they are placed before grouping
  • Interactable items does now unlock correctly for other players after forming a group
  • Items thumbnails are now correctly displayed
  • Object placement action no longer goes through if a character is in its way
  • The "Pandiculator" weapon now deals damage
  • Many text issues fixed
  • Addressed a few instances that caused the client to crash

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