Gunfire Reborn (Xbox, Microsoft) Content Update 3 (2023 January 23)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:01 PM

We have an update today for the Xbox and Microsoft PC version of Gunfire Reborn. We appreciate everyone’s feedback on Discord, social media and in the official Xbox Club on Xbox.


Update Notes Xbox / Game Pass PC

  1. Players will no longer become frozen during the Golem fight.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Player could be placed in a non-working lobby.
  3. Fixed an issue where some Players were unable to invite each other.
  4. Fixed an issue where input stopped reacting after using arrow on the D-pad while browsing Spiritual Blessings.
  5. Fixed a transition issue during the opening cutscene.
  6. Attempt to fix a crash when unlocking certain Achievements after pausing the game.
  7. Changed key bindings for next/previous spectator to RB/LB, allowing teammate screen under Right Arrow binding to be displayed after Player’s death.
  8. Default setting from push to talk has been changed to Open Mic.
  9. Fixed an issue where the player was unable to change Reincarnation difficulty levels with LB/RB after the lobby is created with a difficulty already set.
  10. Fixed an issue where the hero model disappeared after a quick reentry to the Switch Hero menu.
  11. The framerate on consoles has been locked as follows: Xbox One 30/60 and Xbox Series X|S 60/120. We have also added a Framerate toggle to switch between these Low and High framerate caps.
  12. Fixed an issue where Foundry adopted the recoil of the previously used weapon.
    1. Fixed an issue where some frames were displayed through the settings menu and the "joining to lobby/connecting to host" window.
  1. Fixed brightness changes not registering on certain levels.
  2. Fixed graphic corruptions are present in the Summary screen after a losing battle with Wind God.
  3. Fixed an issue where Players could not change the highlight between character slot 1 and slot 2 after being kicked from a 3+ player lobby.
  4. Fixed an issue with the voice chat icon displaying muted status with Headphones.
  5. Fixed an issue were comparing and buying a selected weapon in place of one of your old weapons from the Peddler, caused the shop menu to become non-functional.
  6. Waterfall SFX loop issue fixed.
  7. Adjusted minor Player Interface issues.
  8. Fixed an issue where the incorrect Player was shown when a client quit a multiplayer session.     
  9. Addressed an issue where some textures were showing up corrupted.
  10. Added an info pop-up about needing to quit a single-player run to join a new game if the Player accepted a multiplayer invitation with their title when paused.
  11. Corrected diagonal movement of the virtual cursor by simplifying the response function and improving the dead zone.
  12. Optimization changes to reduce the number of hang-ups/hiccups that could be experienced during gameplay, especially on Xbox One consoles.

Additional Game Pass PC Updates

  1. Fixed multiple localization issues.
  2. Added support for cursor speed setting.
  3. Add missing localization to Peculiar Chests. 


Thank you for your patience while we worked on this update!

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