Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake (All Platforms) Update #1 (2024 March 19)

Modified on Tue, 19 Mar at 9:58 AM


  • PC Only - Advanced Video Options and Hardware Auto-detection are not clear to users. Therefore, we have implemented an initial dialogue that explains these things to players before accessing the main menu, when entering the game for the first time, or when installing this patch for the first time. 
    • The Advanced Video Options have also been moved below video options, on the options page. 

Fixed Bugs 

  • PC, XSX, PS5 - The baby turtle gets stuck while both brothers drop the baby turtle on the slide in chapter 6. 
  • PC, XSX, PS5 - Little Brother appears to be levitating when Big Brother forcefully pulls him while climbing the iron gate in Chapter 4. 
  • PC, XSX, PS5 - Both brothers appear to levitate in the air if they try to interact with the 'Hand glider' in Chapter 4. 
  • PC, XSX, PS5 - The 'Vibration' option remains active during gameplay even after the vibration option is set to 'Off' in the accessibility settings during Chapter 2. 
  • PC, XSX, PS5 - LOD issues occur with the ground texture for a fraction of a second while pointing toward the big tower cutscene in Chapter 4. 
  • PC, XSX, PS5 - In Chapter 1, after the angry dog, the waterfall animation fails to appear fully visible. 
  • PC, XSX, PS5 - Unnecessary text 'the' is displayed for the achievement 'Call of the giants' description 'You sounded the a giant horn'. 
  • PC, XSX, PS5 - Corrections to 505 Games credits. 
  • PC, XSX, PS5 - Both brothers appear to be jittering when both brothers stop in the middle of the ledge in Chapter 1. 
  • XSX, PS5 - An incorrect game thumbnail image is displayed for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S in the game library. 
  • XSX, PS5 - 'Troll boss' gets stuck near the manhole when the little brother proceeds chain-pillar and the troll boss tries to charge toward the little brother with the fresh saves in Chapter 2. 
  • PlayStation 5 -An incorrect game thumbnail icon is displayed in the 'Trophies' set section. 
  • PC - The game leads to non-progression when the player selects the 'Main Menu' option during gameplay and keeps spamming the 'A' button on the loading screen to rapidly select the 'Play' and 'Continue' options on the main menu. 
  • PC - The big brother gets stuck while climbing on the ledge if a player keeps pushing the analog stick up and down while climbing near the Troll house area in Chapter 1. 
  • PC - The younger brother flies up into the air upon pushing against a certain part of the wall near the bridge of Chapter 3 
  • PC - Little Brother fails to take input for the 'Ctrl' button when the player sets the keyboard language to Korean. 
  • PC - An incorrect game thumbnail icon is displayed in the game installation folder. 
  • All - Minor Fixes 

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