Are there any known issues with Memories of Mars?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:05 PM


Fatal error crash: CPU & Anti-virus

We have noticed that some players are having a fatal error crash of the client. We are continuing to work on this and have the following suggestions that can solve the error for some players.

1) Check you CPU. Some CPUs are just not supported and cause this message when trying to join a server on a low end machine. It happens because of our requirement of the SSE4.2 instruction set, which is a feature of relatively modern CPUs to gain huge boosts in performance by doing a lot of calculations at once. Unfortunately that means that some older CPUs (around 10 years old) are not able to run the game. The only possible real fix for that is to upgrade your CPU to one that supports SSE4.2. An easy way to check if your CPU supports SSE4.2 is to use the program "CPU-Z". On the first tab right after starting it will display all Instructions the CPU supports. If SSE4.2 is on that list, you can run the game. If it is not in this list you will not be able to run the game. Also AMD was very late and irregular with support for this technology, but our Minimum Requirements should have one of the oldest AMD CPUs that support it. We tested the game on this CPU and it can run the game on the lowest settings just fine.

2) For some players allowing an anti-virus exception of the game folder has solved the error. The default location is of the Memories of Mars folder is C:\Program Files\Steam\ steamapps\common\Mars

3) Send us logs that will help us fix this error. These logs could contain personal data such as chat logs but are only used for debugging purposes. You can attach these logs to the bug submission form.

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