What is required for the Professional Weapon Manufacturer Trophy/Achievement?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:03 PM

The following weapons must be crafted in order for this Trophy/Achievement to unlock:


Sledge Hammers Longbow Knive scissors Riffle crossbow Handgun Machine guns Fire Revolvers Fire Rifles Javelin Weapon Blade Special Weapon
1.Bone breaker 1. The Silencer 1. Split twin knives 1. The Hardwood 1. The Negotiator 1. The Fast Splitter 1. The Peacemaker 1. The Reedemer 1. Crafted Javelin 1. Cold Death 1. Candy Cane
2.Death bringer 2. The Protector   2. The Needle thrower 2. The Mercenary 2. The Chatterbox 2. The Oathkeeper 2. The Distance Lover      
3.The punisher 3. The Deathblower   3. The Shield Piercer 3. The Ambassodor 3. The old tommy 3. Stell mouth 3. The Oath breaker      
4.The squeezer 4. The Justicer   4. The Apocalypse 4. The Veteran 4. The quick striker 4. The Twister 4. The Invisible bluster      
5.The culling 5. The Razorwind   5. Swoosh 5. The Commandor 5. The Noisy monster 5. The Oracle 5. The Butcher      
6.The bulldoozer 6. The Whispher wind   6. The Silent song 6. The Emperor 6. The fast requiem 6. The nebulizer 6. The Judge      
  7. The speargun   7. The Ballista 7. The Regulator 7. The Repeater 7. The Eternity 7. The Prosecutor      

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