Rogue Spirit Demo (PC) 0.6 Patch Notes (24 Nov 2021)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:02 PM


  • Two new playable characters: Slicer and Deadeye.
  • Added portals instead of triggers to the end levels so that players need to interact to move to the next level.
  • Moved to the new game engine version 4.27.


  • Added charged (unblockable) attacks for all melee characters.
  • AI characters are using all primary attacks and combos.
  • Elite attacks are UNBLOCKABLE.
  • Hit reaction rules, where only stronger characters can always give hit reactions to weaker characters. If characters are the same "size" hit reaction is triggered only if another character is not currently attacking, and there is no hit reaction chaining.
  • Dash can break other actions (expect hit reaction) - same as block can already do.
  • Stamina regenerates faster for all characters.
  • Block has an increased time to parry.
  • Block indicators were removed.
  • Added stop frames when a player hits the enemy.
  • VFX reimplementation.


  • Quest tracking is using saves now.
  • Quest tracking will not be disabled after levelling the quest up.


  • Fixed issues with Ghost Vision not showing the valid path.
  • Fixed issues with save files after killing the boss.
  • Added level stats during a run (can be toggled).
  • Various bug fixes and combat balancing.

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