Unturned (Console) Elver update Patch Notes (2021 Nov 18)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:02 PM


  • The changes to "Music" and "Show Hints" are now kept after toggling them off in the "Settings" menu, closing the menu and reopening it [PS4/PS5][Offline]
  • Character skin names are no longer appearing as debug string [PS4/PS5]
  • Fixed an issue where the brightness setting's value resets to 0, although changes in luminosity persist [PS5/PS4][Offline]
  • The Character Menu contains several placeholder texts [PS5/PS4][Offline]
  • Users’ character names can now be changed [PS4]
  • Missions list can now be scrolled all the way through when more than 12 missions are active [PS5][Offline]
  • Map names now appear correctly in the "Map Selection" screen [PS4/PS5]
  • User can now place marker on map [PS5/PS4][Offline]
  • Item model pictures are now being properly displayed in the Details tab [PS4]
  • Remove the “
    ” string present in the description of multiple items [PS4/PS5]


  • User can now jump after using the glider [PS4/PS5]
  • The flow of time is no longer accelerated and negatively impacts survivability [PS4/PS5][Offline]
  • Dropping the GPS no longer causes the map to disappear [Offline]
  • Severe collision won’t break user movement and interactions [PS4/PS5][Online]
  • The Tactical Laser is now properly centered with the crosshair when Military Nightvision Scope is also applied to weapons [PS5/PS4][Offline]
  • Marker are now removed from the map same after getting rid of the GPS.
  • Players no longer have access to the GPS in a world without "Satellite" option enable and access to a Chart without the "Chart" option enable.
  • User can now interact with all openable containers [PS4/PS5][Online]
  • The Military Nightvision Scope effect can now be turned off after the attachment applied to the weapon [PS4][Offline]
  • The game now pauses upon being suspended [PS4/PS5]
  • Highlighting the Controls submenu will no longer change the Gameplay Settings values [PS4/PS5]
  • Berry Bushes appear correctly after being foraged [PS4/PS5]
  • Melee weapons now have the proper delay between strikes
  • Melee weapons no longer have a one second delay between the attack animation and damage being applied
  • Exiting an aircraft at high-altitude won’t teleport the user to the ground instantly [PS4][Online]
  • Fixed an issue where Horde Beacons would not spawn zombies [PS4/PS5][Offline]


  • Attempting to modify weapons with certain scopes no longer causes a crash [PS4/PS5][Hawaii]
  • Unequipping a parachute right before landing no longer makes the character take fall damage [PS4/PS5]
  • Swapping clothes with a mannequin no longer applies the top and bottom clothes to all mannequins [PS4/PS5]
  • Grenade’s is missing its sound effects [PS4/PS5]
  • Fixed an issue where Metal Bar Fortifications could be stacked on the same window [PS4]
  • Equipping Purification Tablets will no longer cause the character's arms to stretch [PS4/PS5]
  • Items can now be picked up/used after both players reach a location when playing in split screen
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes users cannot pick up/use items found in the world [PS4/PS5]
  • Fixed an issue where fishing does not award any fish in Online mode, and has no functionality in Offline mode [PS4]
  • Pressing the "X" input to jump will no longer apply the button press to Interactable Items as well [PS4/PS5]
  • Consumable Items no longer remain in the Inventory after they are used [Online]
  • Fixed an issue where using a scoped weapon caused the FPS to drop [XB1]


  • Title is properly aligned in the Options submenu of the Pause Menu [PS5][Offline]
  • Daily rewards won’t award huge sums and cause the current balance to go into a negative overflow [PS5]
  • Fixed collision with the fridge glass doors [PS5/PS4][Offline]
  • Players no longer take damage in the Pause Menu from a lack of food and water [PS4/PS5][Offline]
  • Fixed an issue where Desert APC sirens are always on, cannot be shut down and persist if the vehicle is destroyed [PS5/PS4][Offline]
  • The enemies can no longer pass through the Quarantine fences [PS5][Offline][Germany]
  • Fixed an issue where salvage has no functionality on floors and makes the map inaccessible [PS4/PS5][Offline][Cyprus]
  • Character can now pass through the tunnel present in the middle of the Cyprus map [PS4/PS5][Cyprus]
  • Fixed an issue where water wasn’t present on the Cyprus map [PS4/PS5][Cyprus]
  • Water audio is no longer constantly present everywhere on the Cyprus map [PS4][Offline][Cyprus]
  • Grass and flowers no longer float inside Omega Base [PS4/PS5][Offline][Greece]
  • The map is now properly displayed in-game [XB1][PS4/PS5][Offline]
  • Players switching PSN accounts in the Main Menu no longer have their appearance locked [PS4]
  • Fixed an issue with the Russia map remaining at 100% loading progress and cannot be launched [PS4/PS5]
  • Fixed an issue where trees can only be damaged/destroyed by AOE [PS4/PS5][Cyprus]
  • Shooting at trees will not accelerate the MC and block certain actions [PS4/PS5][Cyprus]
  • User can now enter Agros Military underground bunker due to invisible collision [PS4/PS5][Cyprus]
  • Zombies are no longer being blocked by invisible collision around crashed helicopter at Karpasia Farm. [PS4][Offline][Cyprus]
  • The title won’t crash when the user attempts to "Save & Exit" while Military Nightvision Scope is attached [PS5/PS4]
  • Fixed an issue with the players character appearing as pink placeholder texture [PS4/PS5]
  • Fixed an issue where the Thick Heatwave was overpowered compared to other weapons [PS4/PS5]
  • Fixed and issue where the physics effect on vehicle's made them difficult to drive and maneuver [PS4/PS5]
  • Grass is no longer present and floating in midair at both ends of the tunnel [Cyprus]
  • Fixed an issue where the skybox texture flicker twice when saving and exiting [PS5][Offline]
  • Fixed an issue where natural resources couldn’t be harvested using any tools
  • Players will no longer fall through surfaces when changing into the prone position [Cyprus Survival]
  • Caves are now rendered properly when viewed from faraway [PS4][Hawaii]
  • Omega Base now renders properly when viewed from faraway [PS4][Greece]
  • Fixed an issue where some performed actions occur with a severe delay on servers [Online][Cyprus Survival]
  • Fixed an issue where some interactable props could not be interacted with [Online]
  • Day/night transitions are now gradual [PS4/PS5][Offline]
  • Damaged vehicles now explode even if a player is more than 10 meters from it.
  • The "Cost of Knowledge" mission can now be completed [PS4/XB1][Greece]
  • Fixed an issue where players would be placed under the map when loading into a level [Hawaii][Germany][Washington]
  • Fixed an issue where some users where unable to place any Items [Online]
  • Characters no longer get respawned in the same place [Offline]
  • Fixed an issue where level architecture in certain areas does not render and lacks collision if the areas are approached at high speeds
  • The game no longer crashes upon joining a Cyprus Survival Server [Online][Cyprus Survival]
  • Fixed the entrances to the sewers in Farsala [PS4/XB1/XSX][Greece]
  • Removed the debug string present in the description of the "Is it me or is it hotter than usual?" mission [PS4][Offline][Hawaii]
  • Respawning while airborne no longer applies fall damage to the freshly spawned character
  • Purchased skins no longer carry over between guest accounts and older accounts [XB1]
  • World Options now apply to Servers [Online]
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory had no functionality when playing in split screen
  • Zombies no longer disappear from an area when a Player dies and respawns [PS4]

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