Grow: song of the Evertree (PC, Console) Patch 3 (2021 December 1)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:02 PM


  • Builderkin should stop making some bad decisions about where they build town objects
  • Builderkin have expanded the variety of caves you see on worlds
  • Builderkin have upped the decoration placement cap per a town area (this will be a PC only update)
  • Traderkin has expanded shop inventories
  • Traderkin has setup a new trade area. Where-ever shall you find it... ?
  • The Everkin have expanded the range of items they will trade for.
  • Coppertop is now accepting a new range of tasty treats that can be used for Alchemy
  • Worldkin says: World Seeds can now be released as soon as they are planted
  • Puzzlekin says the puzzles shouldn't be puzzling anyone anymore!

Additional Updates

  • The Reportkin have been working to get Stats on worlds reporting correctly
  • Updates to Book lighting in various environments (was too dark/too bright in some areas)
  • Front end being too bright when exiting certain areas of the game
  • Player getting stuck in places (various fixes here)
  • Updates to Nature Reserve cameras for keyboard and mouse users
  • Some updates to grass clipping and character clipping
  • Updates to seating positions being offset on some chairs and couches
  • Pallas should stop following you around the world ?
  • Fix for Arralyn bakery quest not completing if she is assigned to bakery before quest begins
  • 500 miles achievement no longer includes Kazumi travel
  • NPC laugh lines fixed
  • Community garden looks more 'garden-y'
  • Fixed an issue where screenshots didn't always match the actual save location
  • Fixed issues where planters were spawning under ground
  • Total time played will display correctly now
  • Big trees should be choppable!
  • Reduced the size of the Everkid talk interact
  • Chests and other items in caves don't reset any more
  • Other fixes (everkid sized (aka little) fixes that are too long to list)

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