Rogue Spirit (Steam) Update v0.99 Patch Notes (2023 February 7)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:01 PM

- Removed the possibility of breaking other active actions with a dash action.

- Improved dash mechanic - making it easier to dash out from difficult situations.

- Added a ‘perfect parry’ mechanic that can block charged attacks.

- Now if a player is attempting to block a ‘charged’ attack (and is unable to ‘perfect’ parry), the player will receive 80% of damage, but will lose some stamina, and will get kicked away.

- Improved AI behaviour - enemies will give players more space if they are not currently attacking - this should result in less pressure during group fights.

- Improved and rebalanced demons.

- Fixes for AI perception and player detection.

- Elite enemies rebalancing.

- Boss fights rebalanced and fixes.

- Improved freeze-frame system during player's attacks - now player should feel attacks as more powerful and less glitchy.

- Game rebalancing.

- Lots of bug fixes.

- Lots of optimizations.

- Improved Photo Mode functions.

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