Crime Boss: Rockay City () Update 9 + Cagnali DLC + Steam Release (2024 June 18)

Modified on Tue, 18 Jun at 6:26 AM

Content (Update 9):

  • Campaign Difficulty can be now selected at start of Campaign run.
  • Screen visual refresh.
  • Investigation rework in Campaign.
  • Turfwar battles new variants and overhaul.
  • New Sabotage missions in Campaign
  • New variants of Gangster missions in MP
  • Players are now rewarded for finishing campaign with Boss skin for Multiplayer
  • Unique heisters have more perks on generation now.
  • Boss Level Cap increased.

Content (Cagnali’s Order):

  • New enemy Boss - Lady Cagnali.
  • New enemy type - Robot.
  • New team mate - Robot.
  • New weapon type - Robot’s Scudomnion weapon.


  • General performance fixes.
  • Bank Robbery crash fixed.
  • Ranger mission #4 was missing input if user alt-tabbed while loading.
  • Ranger mission #4 end sequence now plays correctly for players.
  • Chase mission #1 could prevent player from acting if player used subdue on guards.
  • Wiz #1 player was able to hit prisoner in next cell. This would prevent mission from ending properly.
  • In Warehouse mission, extraction by Chopper could occasionally not trigger correctly leaving player in mission without escape
  • Some end mission dialogues were incorrectly recorded as failed. Players should no longer be told they failed on success. 
  • Gold Cup bonus objective is achievable now.
  • Disabling cameras in Police Stations is possible again.
  • Scrolling through Boss Customization was sometimes missing sound.
  • Tuna’s weapon would show ironsights and optics at same time.
  • New badge was sometimes missing on new acquired items.
  • “Bribe Cops” event did not instruct player on next steps if not immediately paid.
  • Some weapons were incorrectly named as OBSOLETE.
  • Compound stairs should have correct collisions now.
  • Steam Deck performance fix in lobby.
  • Font size increase since SteamDeck verification highlighted some font sizes.
  • Campaign selector change in order to pass SteamDeck Verification process.

Known Issues

  • First run of game may require to compute shaders. Performance may be affected for a brief time. Subsequent runs should no longer suffer from lower performance.
  • Scudomnion weapon magazine does not have ammo in it
  • On rare occassion, player may notice mouse button not being registered by game when shooting. This should only persist for a second or so.
  • On rare occassion, client in Multiplayer game may lose option to use throwable equipment. In that case, disconnecting and reconnecting to the game fixes the issue.
  • On rare occassion, client may lose ability to climb ladders. In that case, disconnecting and reconnecting to the game fixes the issue.
  • In Dragon Dogs mission, client is offset in animation when opening vent.
  • Weapon can be duplicated in Black Market in Campaign.
  • Some achievements will not unlock after moving saves from different platform.
  • If you purchase all assets in campaign, assets would endlessly refresh.
  • Medic Perks do not properly work.
  • Chat history is not saved between mission and lobby.
  • On Rare occasion, lift will not be correctly replicated for client in Dragon Dogs.
  • Clients can get stuck in ADS after using Auto-turret equipment in Multiplayer.
  • Shields of Shield bearing enemies may get stuck in ground and vibrate in strange manner.
  • Sometimes, slots may be occupied by previously used characters. This is only visual issue and plus sign is still available.
  • Army tier lowering special mission in Campaign does not affect Cagnali forces.
  • Kicking a player from lobby does not prevent that player to re-join session.
  • Join in progress may not correctly refresh all openable containers.
  • Zip-tied policemen may seem not zip tied for players joining the mission in progress.
  • On rare occasion Clients background in lobby may load in to black or blue scene instead of usual lobby screen.

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