Ghostrunner 2 (Steam, EPIC, GOG, XSX, PS5) Hardcore Mode Update (2023 December 7)

Modified on Thu, 7 Dec, 2023 at 9:10 AM

Free content for all Ghostrunner 2 owners

  • Free Hardcore Mode releasing on December 7th along with Ice Pack. Ice Pack purchase is not required. All GR2 owners across all platforms will receive the Free Hardcore Mode. 


Is Hardcore Mode free? 
  • Yes, Hardcore Mode is a free game mode available to all Ghostrunner 2 owners and can be downloaded through the latest patch on all platforms. 
When is Hardcore Mode available? 
  • Hardcore Mode becomes available after completing the main story. 
Will the levels be arranged differently in Hardcore Mode? 
  • The levels in Hardcore Mode contain rearranged level design, meaning each level provides completely new encounters with rearranged enemies, platforming objects, killing objects, etc.
  • Not only will you encounter more enemies, but more platforming objects and killing objects. In addition, you will encounter enemies from later parts of the main campaign at earlier points in the Hardcore Mode version.

Are all unlocked items immediately available for use when playing the mode or need to be unlocked again? 
  • All upgrades and abilities will be available from the very beginning of Hardcore Mode. 
  • Collectible Items not related to character progression have been removed from the Hardcore Mode. 

Do players receive anything for completing the Hardcore Mode? 
  • Yes, players who complete the Hardcore Mode will receive the Crimson Arachnid Sword and Hand Skin. 

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