Key Game Mechanics

Modified on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 09:41 AM

ONE-HIT ONE-KILL – Players and most enemies have a single hit point., it’s a crucial part of the game’s combat and power fantasy loops. Instant restarts and frequent checkpoints avoid player frustration or feeling like they’re being punished.

EXTRAORDINARY MOBILITY – Mobility is the cornerstone of Ghostrunner 2’s push-forward movement philosophy. Wall running, sliding, dashing, ledge boosting, grappling etc. allow players to engage in combat, strategize their attacks and react precisely.

SPECIAL SKILLS AND ABILITIES – Ghostrunner 2 brings back fan-favorite abilities allowing players to gain the upper hand in combat and more tools to the game’s toolbox, allowing players to engage in combat in unique ways – including a new block and perfect parry system.

MOTORCYCLE COMBAT – Vehicular combat is added to the Ghostrunner 2 combat formula. It adds a new look to the game and a pacing element while still adhering to the franchise’s core combat philosophy. 

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