Key Features

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FAST-PACED PUSH-FORWARD ACTION – Regardless of its difficulty, setting, or story – the heart and soul of Ghostrunner 2 is fast, agile push-forward combat and platforming. Mainline assets will play up the concept of being an unstoppable killing machine as an emotional draw for new players and a reminder to existing Ghostrunner players of the potent power fantasy they experienced in the previous title.

EARN YOUR KILLS – We don’t shy away from a core tenant of Ghostrunner – the ultimate power fantasy is the one you earn; by adapting to and mastering the gameplay – players earn their kills and progression. With new abilities and upgrade paths, players are empowered to tackle challenging combat and platforming sections and discover your own ultimate killing machine.

QUINTESSENTIAL CYBERPUNK – Ghostrunner 2’s setting, tone, story, characters and music continue a long pop-culture tradition of celebrating gritty cyberpunk - powerful heroes, monolithic villains, brutalist architecture, neon lights, dark alleys; themes of dissent, despotism, and the struggle to define what makes us human – all set to a tailormade synth-wave soundtrack from some of the genre’s biggest artists.

HUMANITY’S SAVIOR – Ghostrunner 2 has a stronger and more prominent narrative. Players are entrusted with a noble cause – save humanity – as Jack’s “brothers,” exiled Ghostrunnersseek to destroy the last remnants of mankind. We will leverage the compelling story to emotionally engage new players and provide existing players with a cool continuation of Ghostrunner’s plot. 

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