Assetto Corsa: Competizione (PS5) v1.8.7.1 Patch Notes (2022 December 8)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 01:01 PM


  • Fixed - X/Square button not working in Driver Stats Page.
  • Fixed - A custom team's drivers are not visible when modifying their appearance in the customization screen.
  • Fixed - Highlights paused when played manually from the gallery or automatically after a race ends.
  • Fixed - in highlights quick save.
  • Fixed - Lorem ipsum text on CP picture
  • Fixed - Some text in Japanese PS5 builds is not fully localized
  • Fixed - Bindable LT/RT(L2/R2) wheel triggers
  • Fixed - Results list and confirmation-to-quit widget overlap when quitting a replay while viewing the results.
  • Fixed - Upon reaching 100 laps during a race, a third number is not shown on the lap counter.
  • Fixed - On the loading screen, text switches from English to Japanese.


  • Fixed - Cannot start driving in multiplayer races.
  • Fixed - Joining a private lobby from the driver profile causes driver avatars to be seen on the car selection screen.
  • Fixed - Traces are visible behind the vehicle when accelerating.
  • Fixed - BMV M4 GT3 door logos may disappear under certain angle when doors are opened on the Car Selection screen.
  • Fixed - Lobbies are set to Single Make custom race if the last SP custom race was Single Make.
  • Fixed - Voice chat is possible with blocked users


  • Fixed - Crash - Persistent crashes at end of Lamborghini Youngster Program 3 in Career mode.
  • Fixed - Championship - In Open Series championships low values in Opponent Car Groups cuts the number of opponents.
  • Fixed - Main Menu - Car preview window textures never load completely until the car selection menu is accessed once.
  • Fixed - Career - Monochrome black showroom displayed for around 20 seconds on car selection screen.
  • Fixed - Career - M. Bortoletti's VO throughout the introduction video of Career mode does not match with the lip sync in the video.
  • Fixed - Gameplay - View settings and camera viewpoint are all reset to default when starting a new session.
  • Fixed - Showroom - The showroom presentation ends abruptly immediately after selecting it.
  • Fixed - Gameplay - Single Make race using official liveries with the Cup Porsche or Huracan ST does not spawn any opponents on the grid.
  • Fixed - Graphics - A helmet overlay can appear when the Player uses the replay functionality and proceeds back to the pause menu.
  • Fixed - Menu - Course introductory movie doesn't loop.
  • Fixed - Driver Stats - User activity on 2020 versions of tracks does not generate any data entries on the relevant stats pages.

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