Assetto Corsa: Competizione (Xbox Series X|S) – v1.8.8.4 Patch Notes (2023 February 9)

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 at 1:01 PM

  • Achievements - Champion achievement fails to unlock.
  • Achievements - The knowledge achievement did not unlock at TR99 when DLCs previously used are currently uninstalled. 
  • AI - Several AI cars are moving in their pit stalls post-race at several tracks.
  • Audio - A high-pitched sound is heard every time the title is unpaused during a session.
  • Autosave - On rare occasions, autosaving malfunctions.
  • Camera - While in the hood or dash view, holding the back view input button and pressing one of the side view input buttons causes the camera becomes temporarily misplaced.
  • Car Customization - Unable to change the car number and team name when signed in to multiple accounts.
  • Entries with official liveries with colour choices always show the default colour applied in private lobby sessions
  • Graphics - AI cars in close proximity in the pits are rendered invisible.
  • GT4 - Custom GT4 cars cannot be selected and used in Open Series.
  • Multiplayer - Incorrect DLC association of BGT tracks on CP server.
  • Multiplayer - Often, the car list in private lobbies fails to populate with the relevant user data, preventing a start of the session.
  • Multiplayer - The user is disconnected via timeout after 2 minutes and 10 seconds of waiting to join a CP server session.
  • Multiplayer/UI - Dynamic Weather and track status stays on "no" and "optimum" respectively even with other options selected.
  • Physics - Mercedes GT3 car models jitter in even-numbered grid slots P26-P30 at Brands Hatch in the rain with a full formation lap and multiple opponent classes.
  • Podium - After winning a race, the 2nd and 3rd place cars will float away from the screen during the podium celebrations.
  • Saves - Positions for the player and AI cars are not loaded accurately.
  • The Player is redirected to the BMW M2 CS when selecting a custom car in Single Player.
  • The Player's car will overlay the background image after 20 to 30 seconds in the Race Weekend Settings.
  • The Player's engine sound clips out at low RPMs in the Single Player mode.
  • The title crashes to the Xbox Home screen when pressing the RB button within the Video Options menu.
  • The title crashes to the Xbox Home screen when selecting Skip Session in the contextual menu of a Private Lobby following a suspension performed during active gameplay.
  • The title does not display an appropriate system dialog message when accepting a game invitation with the 'You can join multiplayer games' privilege set to block.
  • The title does not specify what DLC is missing when attempting to load a Single player Custom Race using a Circuit from the American Track Pack DLC.
  • The title does not transition the user into a multiplayer session when accepting a game invitation sent from active gameplay in a public Server.
  • The user is able to lose the focus on the popups and navigate through the panels/menu in the background
  • UI - Incorrect DLC name in error message regarding missing 2020 Season DLC.
  • UI - Missing event posters of the official GT4 championship.
  • UI - The title toggles the Mute Voice Chat setting when selecting Start As Driver in a Private Multiplayer Lobby, preventing the user from proceeding into active gameplay.
  • UI - Trying to back away from the car selection menu after having entered the team customization screen shows a black screen.

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