Content Update 1 - Release Notes



• Now you can really feel your Mech getting hit! HAWKEN now has controller vibration support for both PS4™ and Xbox One!

• An option has been added to disable rumble if it is not your cup of tea.

Daily Achievements

• The daily reward bonuses for each day are now displayed on a menu at the login screen.

• Daily rewards are something you can do once per 24 hours for rewards. Check back periodically as other challenges may appear!

Button Mapping

• You can now remap buttons on your controller in Hawken, similar to the functionality seen on PC.

• Almost all buttons on the controller are valid targets, so feel free to remap to your heart's content!

• These save on our servers, so no matter where you play Hawken, you will have the correct bindings.

• Various tooltips throughout the game have had their tooltips changed to support this system.



• Some framerate tweaks have been implemented in this release. A noticeable change is the framerate spike on killing a mech which should no longer occur.

• Orbs now disappear over time when you are standing on them, regardless of if you are full health or not. This should help with the infamous 'orblording' scenario.

• Music should now appropriately play in the right locations.

• The post-match screen should now show the proper amount of HC you earn if the amount you earn was 0.

• Cockpit lag can now be adjusted to 0, allowing it to be turned off completely, which may increase framerate on older consoles.

• A collision issue that allowed players to fall through a map has been corrected.

• Holotaunts can now be used more frequently.

• The region you select will now save on the server side and remember that you have selected that region.

• We have disabled a number of level-up screens that are not relevant to progression in this release.

• Some placeholder text that was missing has been corrected.


• Fixed an issue where an incorrect/invalid key for volunteering for auto-balancing was displaying on the UI.

• "Key Bindings" is now "Button Mappings" for consistency.


• Additional translation work has been implemented for existing languages.


• A few edge case scenarios where you would otherwise fail to join a game session from the friends list or from resuming gameplay from other parts of the console have been corrected.

PS4 Specific

• An option has been added for PS4™ players to disable Hawken Party integration.