The Ultimate Edition comes with:

• Save Churchill Part 1: In Shadows / Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast / Save Churchill Part 3: Confrontation 

• Hunter Weapons Pack / Camouflage Weapons Pack / Patriot Weapons Pack / Sniper Rifles Weapons Pack / Axis Weapons Pack / Eastern Front Weapons Pack

• Fracture / Night Watch / Outpost Canyon / Plantation / Lost Valley / Airstrip

• The Shooting Range (Singleplayer Mode) / ‘Twilight Strike’ Overwatch Mission (Co-Op Mission) / Capture The Flag (Multiplayer Mode)

Where can you find the new content?

• The ‘Save Churchill’ campaign missions can be found in the “Campaign -> Downloaded Missions” menu. 

• The new weapons can be directly equipped from the “Loadout”.

• The new co-op Overwatch mission, Twilight Strike, can be accessed from “Challenges” in the main menu.

• The new competitive multiplayer maps and modes can be accessed from “Multiplayer” in the main menu.

• The Shooting Range can be found directly on the main menu.